Woke up and drove to 1315 to get jens car back to her.  After that I chlled there for a bit then I just went home and went to the gym.  Jen joined me later and we did cardio.  I started lifting without her since she was taking too long.  After the gym we went to commons to chill for a bit and we shared a wrap.  Jessie met up with us shortly after and then we went to Teppanyaki on like lambarnum.  That shit sucked so much. I mean it was okay. I was just disappointed because the sushi bar was so small and like we punished the sushi kinda and like the nigga wouldn’t make more sushi.. Like what kind of shit is that? After that I Went to commons and grabbed my bike and went home.  Jessie went to like a house viewing and jen went home.  I napped and then woke up and smoked.  I went to nghias later and chilled.  Andrew came over before he left for the beach.  I love that nigga, he’s funny as shit.  I left a bit later and went home but on the way ronnie saw me so i chilled for a bit with him while he was waiting on niggi.  We ended up going to canes with nikki, mai and jessie. After that I went home and showered and waited for King goober’s slow ass. I swear i could’ve shed like 20 lbs, grown a beard, and age waiting for his slow ass.  We went to 1315 when he got here and we watched capt america and hookahed.  After that andy and I went back to my house and made food. After eating we smoked more and just chilled and talked about dumb shit.  we didn’t end up knocking out until like 5+.