Woke up and hookahed.  Then Jen, Jay and I made biscuits before class or well, before jens class.  So I drove to campus and then it took me forever to find parking.  After that shit I went to commons; I intended to go lift while jen was in class but then I got lazy and parking took too long so I didn’t want to. So I chilled at commons and I ended up getting free pasta and a free tank! :D But the tank was a size small instead of medium since the guy ran out of mediums): After that Jen got out of class and we just chilled at commons for a bit.  I sat in on Sarah, Adrian, and Sunchip’s house meeting cause I miss being a part of like the future roommates thing what ever.  I really really really wish I could have found a house in my area so we could live there cause my area’s just so ideal and convenient and what not.  So after that Jen and I went to the gym.  We worked on chest and bi and did a little bit of cardio after.  After that we went to my house and hookahed lol. Jen went to practice a bit after and I just chilled and smoked more and showered and shit.  I also fixed my rug burns from the coal.  Man fuck carpets. It’s the worst when it comes to coal burns and shit.  I wouldn’t even have this problem if my landlord’s son lived here. Like goddamn that trick is so annoying.  He’s like one of those pussy ass hoe niggas. Jen came over for a bit after practice and then we went to kroger to get shit.  I came home after and then just smoked and I passed out eventually without even knowing.  My lighting in my room was too bright so when I smoke I usually have christmas lights on. So i just took a bulb out from my ceiling light so it doesn’t have 2 so now the lighting is mad chill bruhhhhhh. 

Days of Our Lives - Screen Capture - 3/26/13
I just wanted to see you! / I’m serious (not kidding) when I say that William Horton & Jackson Kiriakis is the cutest, loveliest and the best couple ever in any TV-series! 

😁😁😁 Today is a very special day !! It’s our 1 year anniversary !! 🙊🙈🙊🙈 This is just the beginning though !! 😏😎😉💁 I love you soooo soooo much babe !! 💋💕💞💛💙💜💚❤💗💓💘💖💌💏💑😍😘♥♥♥ #32613 #WeAintStoppin #OneYear #KingAndQueen #WeSkrong💪 😜😃😌👌👍