Se continua di questo passo, presto sui giornali leggeremo titoli tipo: “Disoccupazione al 100%, mai così alta dal 32.000 a.C.”.
—  waxen

hey protesters in cold areas: please watch out for frostbite!!! it’s surprisingly easy to get if you’re standing still for just a few hours, (i.e. at a protest/rally/sit-in) even in temperatures above 0ºC/32ºF ! 

frostbite affects the areas furthest from your heart: usually fingers and toes, but ears, cheeks and noses are also affected often. bundle up! wear warm shoes and socks. mittens or gloves are also really important, especially if you’re holding a sign or banner!

symptoms of frostbite include:

  • coldness
  • burning or numb sensation
  • red, white, blue, or grey skin 
  • stiffness or clumsiness in the affected area

if you have or think you have frostbite:

don’t rub the area, and don’t start to thaw it until you have a stable, warm place you can recover in. the tissue can refreeze, which will cause more damage. get out of the cold as soon as possible.

to warm up, submerge the area in warm water, about 40ºC/105ºF. don’t use hot water; you can burn yourself without noticing. your skin will probably tingle and feel pins & needles-y. that’s blood circulation returning!

frostbite happens in stages of severity, like burns. you can treat minor frostbite at home, but if you have blisters, swelling, or serious discolouration or numbness that doesn’t go away, go to a hospital

also: please consider making a donation to an organization that directly supports protesters on the street, especially protesters in ferguson. i’ve heard operation help or hush is doing good work along that line.

anyways, stay safe! disclaimer: i’m By No Means An Expert, here are a couple of sources i grabbed from: here, here, here + personal experience