Lets get something straight here, people. I know that ever since Clooney married, like, the coolest chick on earth, the responsibility of becoming the hottest bachelor around fell to me, but I will not be signing any breasts… unless they’re over 32 C’s. Also, I will only sign your baby if he’s cute. I don’t do ugly babies. 

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¿No sabes quien me pueda ayudar con esto? Me gustaría al menos tener 100 Seguidores, sólo me faltan 32 :c Ayúdameee 7n7

En fb hay grupos de tumblr para que publiques tu blog y te sigan. Se llaman: Tumblr latinoamérica, Tumblr unfamous y no sé qué más

working in a lingerie boutique has been the absolute best because I always thought the scale was basically just A-DD and C was considered on the bigger side and D’s were pretty big (I’m looking at you, KROQ)  and anything past that was not as common but holy shit nah I was wrong!! Our shops go up to an M cup and a 46 band and wow I learned that in addition to the variety of cup and band sizes, breast tissue itself comes in different shapes and seriously the body positivity there has been so awesome!! I’m also learning about the wonderful world of fashion in bras and the ratios that are used in designing lingerie and how a bra should fit properly omg I’m so blessed

We also sell sex toys so I’m learning about those too lol

Catherine Opie
Pig Pen (Tattoos)
32 x 24 inches
(81.3 x 61 cm)
Edition of 5, 2 AP

anuncian 36ºC de temperatura máxima…

en este momento estan haciendo 32ºC, y 57% de humedad …

todos vamos a morir…