While running back and forth between the Press Site Newsroom and the Spaceflight now office, I ran into 30 Seconds to Mars.

They’re here to record a video for the song they wrote in honor of the launch.

And, they’re one of my favourite bands.


30STM is my favorite band and saved me more times than I can count. Meeting my heroes would mean so much.

Seriously guys please help me out. I can’t do this without you.I will follow anyone that clicks and reblogs this and send you a personal thank you. Please guys.

after a month of waiting, my LLFD album is finally here and all i can say is im sooo happy with it. this truly has made my vacation. this is the only time where i really took the time out to totally appreciate my fave bands out there. so psyched too that my FEEL album by SWS came in the mail yesterday and then today my LLFD came in. GOSH i just feel so happy and blessed to be able to listen to great music made by these amazing bands. also stoked because the other day CS replied once again to my message hahaa having a conversation. BACK TO LLFD, this is one of their best albums, another album of theirs that i truly enjoy is THIS IS WAR. i just love 30STM. so obsessed with them. only band i really buy stuff from and support. <3 a good song to listen to is city of angels, up in the air, do or die, pyres of varanasi..CRAP ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD! i love this album. okay i need to alm down im getting to obsessed again. i need to stop. LOL

30STM is my favorite band and saved me more times than I can count. Meeting my heroes would mean so much.

Please everyone help me.. Meeting the boys seems like only a dream, but now I actually have the chance to. I’m sorry if you already clicked it today, sorry if I’m getting annoying, and sorry if you’re tired of me or hate me or whatever, but this is just really important to me. But if you could please just take two seconds to click this link and give me the opportunity to meet my favorite band and the group of men that have done so much for me over the course of the past 7 years, it would mean the world to me. This contest is running from now until May 9th (supposedly), if you could just click it whenever you feel like it that’d be great (preferably every 24 hours if possible). You can send it to your friends, family, cats, I don’t really care I just need all the help I can get. It would be greatly appreciated and would mean the world to me.
Also, I’m following EVERYONE that clicks and reblogs this no matter who you are, and I will send you a personal thank you. Maybe I’ll draw you something based on your blog too if you’d like.