30 Day Star Wars Challenge

Day 15: A scene that mad you sad/angry

The Battle Of Mustafar

I feel the need to elaborate on this a little bit. This scene really made me mad because all of the prequel movies were building up to this big turn for Anakin and this confrontation, and it wasn’t what I was expecting. At all. While there were lots of cool tricks, I just think it could have been done a little but better.

Now, I like that gif because I see it all like “WEEE HIGH FIVE, BRO." 

30 Day Star Wars Challenge

Day 16: Picture of your Star Wars Sfuff

↳ Millennium Falcon(with Han/Chewie figures), The Thrawn Trilogy, Choices of One novel, Star Wars 2013 Calender, Vader candy dispenser, Artoo Pez, and the OOYL shirt. 

(I was too lazy to go take an HQ pic, so I just stole this one from my instagram.)