My 30 Ships (in random order):

2 out of 30

Dugera (Bam Margera/Ryan Dunn)

The connection that they had was incredible. They were the best of friends, despite all the pranking they did to each other. RIP Ryan, you’ll be miss not only by Bam, but we the fans as well.


30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 8 The pairing with the most baggage

I’m too tired to think of a couple that’s like that and idk if there’s even a ship like that. So for this one I’m gonna pretend baggage means what they have down south hohohohoohhohoho, which is obviously never-stopping-boners Taemin and his constantly-sexual-that-also-got-a-boner member grinder Jonghyun 8D

30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 4 A paring with the most chemistry 

Probably EunHae :> I’m not much of a shipper or ELF, but this is probably the most real couple I’ve ever seen. Eunhyuk even said himself that he used to like Donghae (like more than a friend way hehehe), and if anyone asked him who he was closest to in SJ he would pick Donghae in a second. Runner up would be JongKey :>

30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 7 A scene that was heartbreaking

Well I don’t ship any of these ships but I was watching SuJu’s mini dramas and on of the topics they made a drama out of was dangerous friendship. There were 2 episodes, one of them was Kyuhyun + Sungmin, the other was Kangin + Leeteuk. In the KyuMin one Sungmin and Kyu started to fall in love (or Ming anyway). At the end of the KyuMin one Kyuhyun poisoned Singmin because he dated his ex-girlfriend (right before Kyu killed her but Ming didn’t know) and killed him. In the Kangin and Leeteuk one Kangin was in love with Leeteuk and at the end Leeteuk was crying saying basically saying “I love you. But if you feel the same you have to kiss my forehead” which he did, but then Leeteuk was like “I won!” when EunHae came because Siwon be them to get Kangin to confess or something. Both scenes were so sad T_T

30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 22 A pairing you hate and no one understands why. 

Well no one’s ever really been like ‘why don’t you like them?’ or ‘I don’t understand why you don’t like them’, but tbh I really don’t like any pairings with Siwon, YulSic, and I used to ship TaeNy but now I really don’t like this pairing thanks to the shippers. But I don’t ‘hate’ any pairing.

Day 23: A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great.

Day 24: A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly.

I’m gonna put thee together since I dont relate to either of them .-.