30 Days of Ron & Hermione

#20 Five reasons why you ship Ron/Hermione

  • They complete each other: he brings laughter and mischief into her life, she brings order and calm into his;
  • Their bickering turns into heated encounters once they are involved romantically (don’t deny it, you know it’s true);
  • It was a complicated relationship but they made it, and there is nothing more rewarding than finally seeing them kiss and have a family together;
  • They remind me constantly that even in the darkest of times, happiness can be found if I remember to turn on the light;
  • Weasley is my King and if he wants Hermione as his Queen, so be it!

30 Days of Ron & Hermione

#30 A Ron/Hermione Fanmix


  • A Wish for Something More - Amy Macdonald

And I, I wish I was the one, your one and only sun and you looked at me that way; I wish for long lingering glances, fairytale romances every single day; And you look at me and say I’m your best friend every day but I wish for something, wish for something more; Oh I love you like a friend, but lets not pretend how I wish for something, wish for something more

  • The Awkward Goodbye - Athlete

And outside love moves on to an imaginary world where we both belong in an imaginary worldAnd no one knows how I love youno one comes even closesunlight runs through my veins for you

  • Le Tunnel d’Or - AaRON

Prends mes soupirs, donne moi des larmes, à trop mourir, on pose les armes; Respire encore mon doux mensongeque sous ton souffle le temps s’allonge; Et mes rêves s’accrochent à tes phalangesje t’aime trop fort ça te dérange; Et mes rêves se brisent sur tes phalanges, je t’aime trop fort, mon ange, mon ange

  • White Blank Page - Mumford & Sons

You desired my attention but denied my affections, my affectionsSo tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heartoh tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart

  • Here With Me - Dido

Oh I am what I am, I’ll do what I want, but I can’t hide; I won’t go, I won’t sleep, I can’t breathe, Until you’re resting here with me; I won’t leave, I can’t hide, I cannot be, until you’re resting here with me

  • Soon We’ll Be Found - Sia

Well it’s been rough but we’ll be just fine, work it out yeah we’ll surviveyou mustn’t let a few bad times dictate; So come along, it wont be long till we return happy; Shut your eyes, there are no lies in this world we call sleep; Let’s desert this day of work, tomorrow we’ll be free

  • Love Is The End - Keane

Now is the time of our comfort and plenty, these are the days we’ve been working for; Nothing can touch us and nothng can harm us, no, nothing goes wrong anymore; Singing a song with your feet on the dashboarda cigarette streaming into the night; these are the things that I want to rememberI want to remember you by; They won’t come again cos love is the end; Oh no, my friendlove is the end

  • Stars - The Candle Thieves

Well it looks like we made it, looks like we made it through; So much time spent of our lives, and I’m still so in love with you