30 days of Stendan: [28/30]
Favourite thing about their relationship

God, this was the toughest choice of all. There are so many things I love about them that it was honestly painful to pick only one. Since I have a reputation to maintain, I couldn’t have not chosen one of Stendan’s most… err, evident traits: their sex-positivity! Yes, my kids would love nothing more than to spend all their days wrapped around each other, kissing and purring and stroking and licking and breathing each other in. It’s honestly so refreshing to see two men wanting each other and loving sex so much. And Kieron and Emmett’s incredible chemistry makes me weep everyday because HO isn’t on HBO.


30 days of Stendan: [22/30]
Favourite Kimmett moment

I would be lying if I said we haven’t been spoiled during these last two years and a half. We got so many amazing Kimmett moments it’s almost a shame to pick only one. Once again, I’ll be predictable and go for the moment almost everyone chose: the “win Brendan Brady’s clothes (+ outtakes)” one. Yeah, the video where the actors (!!!!!) got so much into the part they snogged and flirted and stripped in front of each other. God, I honestly believe there will never be another pair of actors as amazing as them. I don’t think I would love Stendan as much as I do if Emmett and Kieron weren’t playing them. They have the most electric chemistry I’ve ever seen and the way they’re so at ease around each other is adorable. They totally deserved their “Best Partnership” award and I can only hope that one day they’ll get to dance with each other again, either in Hollyoaks or in another project.


30 days of Stendan: [26/30]
Favourite jealousy moment

This episode. THIS EPISODE.

Okay, let me make things clear and say that I wasn’t a big fan of Ste and Noah (even though I found them much more enjoyable than Stug), and that seeing Brendan meddling in their lives got boring after a while. Still, this period gave us some of my favourite Stendan scenes of all time, two of which happened in this ep. Jealous!Brendan is my favourite, but jealous!Ste is absolutely hilarious, which is why I picked this episode in particular. I love that despite all his efforts to appear unbothered by Sean and his… “relationship” with Brendan, he was actually consumed with jealousy for the whole ep and got a boner after Brendan barely touched him. It confirmed once again how obsessed with Brendan he was and, like Brendan said, how “weak” he was when it came to resisting him.