30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 7, Your favorite piece of lore.

Glint/Glaust. I loved Glint in the first game and was extremely upset when I found out she had been killed off and even more so when her death was overshadowed by that of Snaffs. I don’t usually do the giant lore posts but I think Glint deserves one, let me tell you why…

Glint was a nearly 4000 year old dragon who’s existence predated even the human gods, it is unknown what form Glint possessed or what purpose she served before her corruption by the elder dragon Kralkattorik but it is known that she had always possessed immense powers including the ability to enter people’s minds, foresee the future and cast powerful illusions that she used in her later years to hide her home in the crystal desert from outsiders.

Glint served as a champion of Kralkattorik for many years before the Forgotten used a spell to free her from his corruption, after this she used her abilities to hide a number of Tyria’s elder races and in so doing saved them from extinction. She also began to secretly collect crystallized vials of her former master’s blood and a spear made from his spine to help those who would seek to defeat him after his inevitable return.

Between the years of her freedom from corruption and the reawakening of the elder dragons Glint also guided the heroes of the Guild Wars 1 story line in their quest to defeat the undead Lich and his minions, the arrival of whom she had foreseen almost 800 years previously (The ‘Flameseeker Prophecies’ being the book she recorded these visions in).

In 1320 A.E Glint was sought out by Destiny’s Edge who asked for her assistance in defeating her former master, Glint agreed to leave the relative safety of her hidden lair and her child in order to aid them, unfortunately the elder dragon proved too powerful and Glint along with Snaff was killed by Kralkattorik and his minions. It is unsure what became of her child.

So yeah, here was a creature who had survived through thousands of years of war and strife and yet was still willing to give up everything she held dear to help Destiny’s Edge. True hero imo

30 Day Gw2 Challenge: Day 15, your favorite fractal dungeon.

Cliffside Fractal, mostly because the colossus really intrigues me, what is he? Who made him? What is his purpose???? We just don’t know! Plus this place is really pretty and light. I could do without all the chanter pointing though.

(I forgot to do this yesterday, oops)

30 Day GW2 Challenge, Day 26: List your characters and their levels.

From left to Right:

  • Noxeema Jackson, Warrior - 80
  • Verona De Wynter, Thief - 80
  • Hedera Helix, Ranger - 80
  • Rhapsody Lightshard, Elementalist - 80
  • Boombah, Engineer - 80
  • Thrower Of Shade, Guardian - 80
  • Duke Of Poison Seed, Necromancer - 80
  • Psylocke Claremont, Mesmer - 80

(Few of the characters in that pic have new armor now but I cba remaking it lol.)


30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 4, your favorite zone.

Although there are other zones I prefer for their rich lore the most aesthetically pleasing zone to me would have to be Timberline Falls. I love the diversity of terrain in this area, from swampland to snow capped mountains to lush green woodland and underwater Quaggan Villages this place pretty much has it all. It’s also home to my all time favorite area Coddler’s Cove.

30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 2, Biggest jerk you’ve met in game.

I’ve dealt with very few jerks in game but the one that sticks in my head the most was a guy who was spamming racist, bigoted comments in Heart of the Mists while also promoting his guild with the tag [AIDS]. It’s the only time I’ve ever gotten really angry over trolls in a game and got as many people as I could to come report him, it was all for naught though as I still see him there from time to time spouting his hate.

Oh and there was that one time in mumble with the guy who said The Dreamer was only for females and gays…

Image credit: Whisperblade (Thank you! I hate putting up text posts with no pic.)


30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 18, worst thing about GW2.

GUILD HALLS!!!! I miss Guild halls so bad, I used to enjoy being able to zone into our GH and merch after a dungeon run or an elite area without having to wait 1769175819 hours to load. It was also the perfect place to hold guild events instead of cramming everybody into an area where people are trying to play, why these were not brought back initially is a complete mystery to me.


30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 17, your favorite GW2 Youtube video.

The Poobadoo guild Bounty vid. I’ve always hated doing this bounty but because of this video I now flat out refuse to go after him.

(I missed some days again *sigh*)


30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 3, A Class you’re awful at playing.

Definitely Guardian, I’m terrible with him. I see all these amazing guardians running in and tanking for days and reflecting stuff while healing people and throwing boons left right and center and then I walk in on my poor salad and just instantly fall down dead. I know it’s probably my poopy setup but I hardly use him so I don’t really wanna spend a fortune kitting him out again lol.

30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 20, how did you come up with your main’s name.

Rhapsody was my main’s name in GW1 too and it originally came from the book: Rhapsody: Child of Blood which is part of the Symphony of ages books by Elizabeth Haydon. She is described on the wiki page as:

Rhapsody - Child of Sky, Namer and Singer. A young woman of human and Lirin descent, she is a talented musician who uses music as a force to change the world around her. Having suffered a great deal of trauma, she’s become self-sufficient by necessity but is prone to bouts of melancholy when she thinks about all she has lost. Rhapsody is also unnaturally beautiful as a consequence of her journey, a fact that she refuses to acknowledge and brings her more trouble than fortune.

I used that as a base for her backstory and look. Her last name Lightshard was just me smushing words together as GW1 required characters to have a last name :P

30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 5, Your favorite Story Mode Dungeon.

The Ruined City of Arah. I know a lot of people had 1478691786 issues with this dungeon and can understand why but personally I loved it.

The main reason I enjoy this dungeon so much is because of the airship battles, fighting off lines of giants and multiple dragons that are diving in and out of clouds was pretty impressive and also reminded me a lot of the airship battles in FFX and X-2.

I won’t lie and say I found the Zhaitan battle to be particularly riveting but It was great to finally see him and kill him off, I also enjoyed seeing Destiny’s Edge mending the rifts in their group even though I’m not a huge fan of Destiny’s Edge overall. 

30 day Guild Wars 2 Challenge: Day 1, Your First Character.

I can’t remember the first character I ever made during the first beta but My first character on release was my Sylvari Necro: Duke Of Poison Seed.

I had a very tough time finding a race and class I enjoyed playing during the betas and was a little worried that I may not fall as deeply in love with Guild Wars 2 as I did it’s predecessor but then they released the Sylvari lore and their views of the world and I knew straight away this was the race for me. I’ve since changed mains to my lovely human elementalist but Duke was my first lvl 80 and was also the first of my characters to finish his storyline and get 100% map completion so he will always have a special place in my heart.

30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 13, your favorite Explorable Dungeon?

Twilight Arbor. I won’t lie and say this dungeon is perfect, it’s not. the end boss is a complete joke, the voice acting is bad at best and Morrigu is probably one of the most useless NPCs in the game but the story is interesting, it’s fun to see the three Nightmare Court members killing each other off through the various paths and it is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game. 

30 day GW2 challenge: Day 12, your achievements.

I’m assuming it’s this. Dungeon Master would probably be the title i spent the most amount of time actually working on, the rest I’ve just kind of picked up as I went along (I wish they they had a title rank like they did in GW1, I was actually proud of my achievements there lol).

30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 21, your favorite profession.

Elementalist. I really enjoy the versatility of the ele, I like that I can be dealing huge amounts of AoE damage or stacking bleeds one second and then throwing water on my allies to heal them the next.

My only gripe with this class is the lack of useful elite skills, ‘Summon Elemental’ can be useful as a distraction or just as a little extra damage but the transform skills are all but useless and the fiery greatsword just doesn’t seem to be worth losing our usual 5 skills.