psych 30 day challenge - day 2
favorite main character: head detective carlton lassiter, mcj
- - because i’d be fooling myself if i even considered everyone else. there’s a reason he’s my favorite fictional character of all time. he really means a lot to me, even though i originally thought him an insensitive jerk with anger issues. (admittedly, he is, but he’s so much more than that. and maybe that’s why i fell in love with him.)


psych 30 day challenge - day 15
favorite burton guster moment: trust your gut (6.13)
- - gus usually gets pushed off to the side by the nature of shawn’s fake profession. but while his best friend is in the hospital recovering, gus has to work the mystery himself, as shawn can’t be there in person, and he does a phenomenal job of it. brave gus always has a special place in my heart.


psych 30 day challenge - day 14
favorite shawn moment: the dilemma at the movies (3.16)
- - it’s clear how much the yin/yang case has taken out of shawn, and we actually get to see the raw version of shawn spencer. he takes down yang, santa barbara’s most notorious killer, but yet, the only thing he’s concerned about is his mother’s safety and health. after being stuck in a will-they-or-won’t-they type situation with juliet for three years, she offers him an opportunity to make things real between them. she’s the one of the few things he hasn’t even thought about abandoning, despite his commitment issues, but he still goes on a date with abigail because he really thinks that he can move on past something he thought would never happen. and despite all of this emotional trauma, he still manages to keep his cool around abigail, though he probably had tons on his mind. it’s the serious side of shawn that i wish we got to see more of.


psych 30 day challenge - day 19
favorite henry spencer moment: impatience (5.16)
- - there’s nothing he won’t do to get shawn out of there as soon as possible. despite the blatant criticisms, the constant nagging, and the indifference to shawn’s preferences, henry really, truly loves his son. and he’s never shown it more obviously.

psych 30 day challenge - day 30
why do you love psych?
↳ I could honestly go on about this for hours. I already gushed out all my feelings for the silly slumber party thinger, but let me try this again.

I love psych because it’s honestly one of the best things in my life. Because no matter how tough it may get for a little kid trapped in one huge first world problem, Shawn and Gus and Carlton and Juliet and Karen and Henry will always be there to pick me up when nothing else can. Because no show has ever touched me as profoundly as this show has. Because this cast cares so so much about their fans and they love their show beyond words and they thoroughly enjoy making us laugh and cry every single day. Because the characters are quirky and are becoming more three-dimensional than they already were, and they’ve been developing for the past six years into something beautiful. Because I’ve met some of my best friends in the whole entire world just by doing something as simple as watching this show together and bonding over it. Because it’s one of the best things in my life, and I don’t think I could ever repay the cast/crew for what they’ve done for me.


psych 30 day challenge - day 24
character(s) you’d like to see again: of course, a six-way tie between…

  • emily bloom (melanie lynskey)
  • abigail lytar (rachael leigh cook)
  • maddie spencer (cybill shepherd)
  • scott seaver (josh braaten)
  • dennis gogolack (freddie prinze jr.)
  • peters & boone (william devane & carl weathers)
  • (and of course everyone on this list, even mary)