Another bonus photo. Since Rachel helped me get my measurements, I ordered a new bra that fits me exactly, finally. Not only is this crazy comfortable, it looks *SO* good on me! I just had to share. I’m amazed at how big my boobs have gotten since I started hormones in March. This bra is a 30B. This explains why 32A and 34A just never fit me right.

This 30B has a bit of room (not much) in case I keep growing, so I’ll be able to wear it for a good while. The only bad part is that there was no purple, but cyan is a welcome choice, too :)

anonymous said:

1.) Are you a virgin? If so, how far have you been with a guy? 2.) Do you masturbate? If so, how often? 3.) What is your bra size? 4.) How often do you shave "down there?" 5.) Do you/Will you spit or swallow?

1.) you’re definitely new here so i won’t give you a sassy response - no, im not a virgin

2.) every day at least twice a day

3.) 30B

4.) i dont shave because i wax - aint nobody got time for that

5.) spitting is so fucking disrespectful - i always swallow unless im getting a facial