30 days books challenge

Day 5 - a book that makes me happy

Since reading all kinds of books makes me happy, I figured I would share a book I’m happy to own. I have this favorite Ukrainian poet, Ivan Franko (1856-1916), and a few years ago one of his cycles of poems, “Faded Leaves,” was publised in a new, absolutely stunning version. Just look at it. Apart from being completely in tune with the poetic motif, the book contains pictures of the author himself and people he knew, as well as all autographs of his works from this cycle that could be found.


Day 01 - Best book you read last year

Day 02 - A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

Day 03 - Your favorite series
Day 04 - Favorite book of your favorite series
Day 05 - A book that makes you happy
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Day 30 - Your favorite book of all time

Day 17. Favorite Quote From Your Favorite Writer

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power to that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.

-J.K. Rowling

This is the only one I can think of right this second…

Started this one yesterday. I’ve had it for a while now and never got around to reading it. Since the sequel is coming out next month, I’d figure they I’d catch up. Also, I will be posting a review of each one when I’m finished with it. It will most likely be a starred review, but it’s a review either way. #30books