Day 1

Very First Anime-

And to no ones suprise, its sailor moon as most are (other than pokemon, dragonball z and inuyasha etc.) Ah this show brings back so many memories of sitting so close to the tv with my sailor moon vhs that i got from blockbusters, the library and even sometimes garage sales, i was obsessed aha and i remember getting so excited for the transformation scenes so i could get up and do it with them, that was the best times ^^

Aerosmith challenge‏

Day 01 – Your favorite song  

Day 02 – Your favorite album

Day 03 – A song that makes you happy  

Day 04 – Your favorite member of Aerosmith

Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

Day 06 – Your favorite picture of Joe

Day 07 –Your favorite picture of Steven

Day 08 – Your favorite picture of Joey

Day 09 – Your favorite picture of Tom

Day 10 – Your favorite picture of Brad

Day 11 – The first song you ever heard from Aerosmith

Day 13 – A song you wouldn’t hesitate to Karaoke to  

Day 14 – Your favorite lyric from an Aerosmith

Day 15 – Favorite toxic twins picture

Day 16 – Your favorite Aerosmith music video

Day 17 – A song that makes you fall asleep

Day 18 – A picture of a ridiculous Aerosmith tattoo

Day 19 – Your least favorite Aerosmith song

Day 20 – A song with an awesome riff  

Day 21 – A not very popular song that you love

Day 22 – Favorite Beatles cover  

Day 23 – A song that you would play at your wedding  

Day 24 – Favorite Steven outfit  

Day 25 – Favorite guest appearance that Aerosmith has done (movies, tv shows, etc.)

Day 26 – Favorite shirtless Joe picture

Day 27 – A picture, of anybody from Aerosmith, that you don’t like

Day 28 –Favorite album artwork

Day 29 – You’ve got to get an Aerosmith Related Tattoo. What do you get and Where?

Day 30 – A way that Aerosmith relates to your life

30-Day Aerosmith Challeng

Day 1 - When and how did you become an Aerosmith fan

Day 2 - First song you heard

Day 3 - Favorite band picture

Day 4 - All time favorite song

Day 5 - All time favorite album

Day 6 - Favorite picture of Steven Tyler

Day 7 - Favorite song off of Aerosmtih

Day 8 - Favorite song off of Get Your Wings

Day 9 - Favorite picture of Joe Perry

Day 10 - Favorite song off of Toys in the Attic

Day 11 - Favorite song off of Rocks

Day 12 - Favorite picture of Brad Whitford

Day 13 - Favorite song off of Draw the Line

Day 14 - Favorite song off of Night in the Ruts

Day 15 - Favorite song off of Rock in a Hard Place

Day 16 - Favorite picture of Tom Hamilton

Day 17 - Favorite song off of Done with Mirrors

Day 18 - Favorite song off of Permanent Vacation

Day 19 - Favorite song off of Pump

Day 20 - Favorite picture of Joey Kramer

Day 21 - Favorite song off of Get a Grip

Day 22 - Favorite song off of Nine Lives

Day 23 - Favorite song off of Just Push Play

Day 24 - Favorite song off of Honkin’ on Bobo

Day 25 - Favorite live album

Day 26 - Have you ever been to an Aerosmith concert; if so what are your favorite memories

Day 27 - A piece of memorabilia that you own

Day 28 - Have you ever ridden Rock N Roller Coaster in Disney World

Day 29 - What do you think about Steven Tyler being a judge on American Idol

Day 30 - Why are you an Aerosmith fan