Drama Appreciation Post โ†’ Doctors (Part II)

Dr. Oh Chang Min โ†’ Intern

Dr. Oh Jin Hee โ†’ Intern

Dr. Gook Cheon Soo/ Chief Gook โ†’ Attending Physician of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Shim Ji Hye โ†’ Assistant Professor of surgery

Dr. Park Hoon โ†’ Genius Doctor

Dr. Han Seung Hee โ†’ Anesthesiologist

Dr. Han Jae Joon โ†’ Doctor & Head of department

Dr. Kang Sora โ†’ Doctor


All this considered, the rest of the week at school actually went pretty well. Aside from a few stupid confrontations from his stupid teammates, nobody else really said anything directly to Puck, and he continued to walk around the halls with his boyfriend on his arm. People kept on staring and whispering and being pretty obnoxious, but a few dumpster tosses shut most of them up. All it took was a couple slushies from Puck or a couple rumors from Kurt to get mostly everyone to give it a rest, so he was pretty happy with that.

The week did go kind of slow, though, because all Puck was thinking about was Saturday. He’d get Kurt to himself for almost the whole afternoon and evening and then all night. His mom was in Columbus, Sarah was going to a slumber party, and the two boys would have the whole house to themselves. He couldn’t wait. But despite how excited he was, he was also crazy nervous. He’d never taken anyone on a real date before, and even though Kurt told him that he didn’t have to do anything crazy, he still wanted it to be really special.

Lima didn’t have a lot of options, though, so he had to settle on taking him to Breadstix and then to a movie. All that sounded kinda lame generally speaking, but he knew he needed to fancy it up a little. He spent the whole morning and afternoon pre-date trying to get ready for it. He washed his car by hand, wanting it to be spotless for when he picked Kurt up, then he picked out his nicest clothes, a shirt and tie and a pair of khakis, and he ironed everything so it looked as perfect as possible.

The next order of business was cleaning his room better than it had been cleaned in years, organizing everything and picking up all his clothes. He even washed his bedding and made his bed for the first time in his whole life probably. Then he cleaned the rest of the house the best he could, throwing away all the random crap that had been laying around forever and vacuuming and everything.ย He didn’t even know why he was going so crazy about it, especially considering Kurt already really liked him and wanted to be with him. But he still wanted to impress him whenever he could, especially considering he didn’t have a lot of money to spoil him when they were out.

He wracked his brain trying to think of what kinda stuff you do on a date, and his first thought was flowers. So after he took a long shower and shaved and got himself all dressed up, he headed to the flower shop, but little did he know that flowers were crazy fucking expensive. If he wanted to be able to afford dinner for both of them and then movie tickets and snacks, he wasn’t gonna be able to show up with a whole bouquet of roses like he wanted. He decided to just buy one red rose, because even though it wasn’t much, it was something.

Following the directions that Kurt had given him, he headed towards Mercedes’ house since he obviously couldn’t pick him up from his own house. After sending him a text once he was parked outside, he got out of his car and waited for him to come out.ย