One Wire, Two Heartstrings

Series: DRAMAtical Murder
Pairing: Clear/Ren/Aoba
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Summary: Three moments of their lives, all tied together.
Notes: For epiproctan for making Clearenao a thing: FREAKING. BLESS. 
Word Count: 3097
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i. wire

When Clear padded back into the room, teeth brushed and all but his boxers discarded, Ren was already laying on the bed, done with the nightly ritual of changing into sleeping clothes and washing up. Unlike Clear, he was fully covered with his shirt and long pants - the stark contrast reminded Clear that between the two of them, Ren was more acutely aware, and uncomfortable, when he was showing too much of his skin. It actually surprised both Aoba and Ren that Clear decided to sleep with so much of his body exposed since he shared in those insecurities - and certainly, while that prompt to cover his body in the first place still lingered, he found it far more bearable (or rather, bare) to be open with his boyfriends.

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