300 Years Old

    For those of you that still son’t know, I absolutely love Christofer Drew from the Indie-Pop band, NeverShoutNever.  Anyway, Christofer Drew is a Vegan; meaning he eats nothing that comes from an animal. NO milk, cheese, yogurt, cream or anything.  He eats no meat at all either.  Really all he eats is pure cocoa (for chocolate), and raw seeds and nuts. 

    His goal, or his plan is to live to be 300 years old.  Now, a lot of you may think that this goal is stupid or impossible but really, it’s not.  The Chinese, over 1000 years ago were able to live to 3 or 400 years old because they would take care of their bodies with the food they would eat.  The Chinese would eat nothing but RAW food from the earth, meaning that they were, in a way, vegan.  

    I myself, cannot be a complete vegan. I have become too dependent on meant for my source of energy so instead, I am taking the challenge and becoming a pescatarian, which means that the only meat that I will be eating is fish. I will try to eat or consume the smallest amount of dairy (anything from a cow) as possible. 

    I am doing this to better my body, my mind and possibly, my life.

    I hope I too can live up to 300 years like Christofer <3