ok atl m&g/concert post ahh

ok so i got down to the venue at like 5:15 and i was so NERVOUS bc first atl show and i was meeting them ya and i met ellen down there and im sorry im really awkward when you meet me so i was like “…hi!!!!” and then sian came and i met other people but w/e and we were speaking and it was freeZING and i was shaking but idk if it was bc cold or nervous hm ya and then we were just waiting outside for ages and they let us in for m&g like 15 minutes late sigh sigh and then omg matt flyzik i nearly dIED HIS VOICE HES SO PERFECT OMFG and he gave us the talk etc etc please dont do anything inappropriate you can hold their hand ya etc etc and then everyone was just stood there waiting and then john oh came down the stairs at the back anhd everyone was like john oh!! and he waved ya and then they all came in

dramatic pause

no but really ya they came in and i think rian was first and he walked over to the other side and while i was watching him walking bc hes so pretty with his bald head and shiny teeth and i turned around and jack was there and i was like ……. staring at him and im not kidding hes so perfect like he looks so much better in real life his face and omg hes so perfect sigh ya and i was like waiting my turn for a picture and for him to sign swir and i was like ….hi and he was like hey!!! and then we kind of spoke for a bit and he signed my cd and i asked for a picture and ya then we went to zack i think and aw hes so awkward and nice and i passed him my cd and he signed it and i got a picture and ya not much happened there lmao then we went to rian and his voice is so heavenly idek omg and i asked him to sign my cd and he was like ‘sure!!!’ hes so happy aw and i got a picture and ya and then omg we went over to alex and there was this big crowd around him and i was worried we wouldnt have enough time left but i walked up to him and waited and then i was just like really awkward and nervous omg i regret it sO MUCH  but anyway i asked him to sign my cd and he did and we were kind of talking and then we got a picture and jfc hes so perfect hes carved by angels i swear and ya and we didnt have much time left so i walked over to the middle to get a good spot and then i remembered i hadnt give him my letter so i was like shit omg theyre going now so i was like alex wait and i gave him my letter and he was like aw thank you and i was like ya i love you thank you for everything bye and then i met evan and got a picture before he left and ya and omg ya idk i might post pictures in a minute but then they left and everyone started coming in so me and ellen got in the middle second line


omg i was in the middle of blinking and ya very nice photo lmao

anyway then watic came on and aw tay is so cute omg and ya they were really good and me and tay made eye contact a few times sigh and cameron poured water over us and i got pretty wet lmao ya 

and then the maine came on and they were awesome idk im not really into the maine thAT much and i only knew a few songs but still it was fun and pat is so adorable and garret is really hot and ya aw and john oh in dungarees aw baby ya anyway they were cool and then

all time low omfg

im not kidding it took like half an hour for them to start like ian and whoever does lights kept blacking them out as if atl were going to come on and they did that for ages and everyone was screaming and then they finally came on and omg it was so surreal like the lights omg they were fab and theyre so perfect and they played time bomb first i think idk i cant even remember but remembering sunday was so perfect and everyone was singing along to every song and it was an amazing atmosphere and i cant believe it actually happened and jack stood on the banister and help my hand for a few seconds omg and he looked at me and smiled and i was like omfg?????????? and throughout atls set me and alex made eye contact so many times im not even saying that to be like ‘omg me and alex!!!!!!!’ but we ~~~locked eyes~~~ a few times lmfao and yeah anyway there was quite a lot of jalex like near the end after jack came out from the crowd ((((and holding my hand)))) jack threw himself on stage and alex sat on his crotch yes his crOTCH NOT HIS LEGS OR STOMACH HIS GENITAL AREA ya and omg aw jack smiled so big up at him and alex leant down and idk what they did but lets pretend they kissed ya and alex like shook his head smiling at jack and it was so cUTE OFMG BABIES and then they did like their usual stage banter about chicken nuggets and something about jacks ball sack lmfao and ya i think that was the end like atl were absolutely fantastic amazing perfect fab wonderful any positive adjective omg theyre so flawless ive never been in a atmosphere like that before and although it feels as though my ribs are broken and ive got so many bruises id do it again 100 times over i love all time low so much andi cant even breathe from rwting this omg im crying again and idk they were just amazing and i think im dnoe writing this now basically all time low are so fucking perfect and i love them with all of my heart and i miss them so much and i cant wait until london now on friday omfg

yay you can resume your life now!!!!!!