Take up this 30 day crunch challenge and tone up and boost your core body muscles to the max.

This challenge gives off the best results – if you stick to it and complete all 30 days !

The challenge has 1 exercise which you have to do each day, and the time spent doing the exercise slowly increases day by day to help you build up your core body muscle strength gradually, ensuring you are able to complete the final day of the challenge easily.

You only have to do the amount of time shown on the challenge chart once per day, however if you are feeling brave then you can repeat each day’s challenge as many times as you like. -Source


   As some of you may know, I said a few days ago that I want to start a challenge with you guys.  Surprisingly, a lot of people wanted to join, so here it is. We’re starting this Wednesday(15th October), so who wants to do it, all they have to do is save the photo and start. Also, they have to take some before and after photos and send them to me.  When the challenge is done, I’ll post all the pics on a page called 30 Day Challenge (you can find it on my blog) along with mine. The challenge can be done by both girls and boys. As you can see, they are the same. :) 

  I know I asked you guys to mesage me if you’re joining, but I need you to do it once again for confirmation. 

   Well, I think this is all. Stay motivated! xx 


I planned to do this on my monthly planner, but the damn thing starts on July. It was a big bummer. So instead I used the cut out lists it had in the back and resolved to this. I guess it turned out pretty good. Can’t wait to start crossing out.

I’m starting on the 1st of June! Who will join me? c:

30 day crunch challenge

Day 1 - 20 crunches

Day 2 - 25 crunches

Day 3 - 30 crunches

Day 4 - REST

Day 5 - 40 crunches

Day 6 - 45 crunches

Day 7 - 50 crunches

Day 8 - REST

Day 9 - 60 crunches

Day 10 - 65 crunches

Day 11 - 70 crunches

Day 12 - REST

Day 13 - 80 crunches

Day 14 - 90 crunches

Day 15 - 95 crunches

Day 16 - REST

Day 17 - 100 crunches

Day 18 - 105 crunches

Day 19 - 110 crunches

Day 20 - REST

Day 21 - 115 crunches

Day 22 - 120 crunches

Day 23 - 125 crunches

Day 24 - REST

Day 25 - 130 crunches

Day 26 - 135 crunches

Day 27 - 140 crunches

Day 28 - REST

Day 29 - 145 crunches

Day 30 - 150 crunches