“That’s right, pal,” comes another voice from behind him, easy and confident and lilting with an audible smile, and it feels as though the breath is punched right out of Steve’s lungs. He stiffens, wrenches himself away from the reassuring warmth of Peggy’s arms, spins around –-

And apparently it isn’t enough for one love of Steve’s life to be here with him tonight, because now Bucky’s standing there too.

[In which Bucky makes an appearance in Steve’s ‘Age of Ultron’ dream sequence.]

Elsanna Week Day 7: Favourite AU

Her fingers hovered over the touchscreen of her phone. Her mind filled with confusion that lead to the trepidation of her hands. A small corner Elsa’s consciousness forced a laugh out of herself as she recalled the time Anna excitedly played flappy bird on her phone.

Anna used to brag about how she was probably the only one in college still using an old school Nokia phone - that was, until she stumbled upon that notorious game that ruined lives. While she had heard of the game, Anna never actually understood why things like a boy killing their mom happened until she almost hit someone in school for interrupting her streak.

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“I need you to hear me,” Bucky says to Steve’s sleeping form, voice thick. “If you’re dreaming in there, come on out here and listen because I need you to hear me. Steve, I’m – I don’t think I’m dead. Not all the way dead, anyway. And I need you to come and find me. All those times I found you in alleys, all beat to hell – just like the time you found me in the Hydra Base, I need you to do it one last time.”

After falling from the train, Bucky finds himself not-quite-dead and not-quite-alive. He’s not sure which state of affairs is more painful.

…Chapter 13(15) is going to be 5.2k. Projected. (Considering I’m at 4.8k right now, though… maybe 5.5k.)

This, in a story which has an average chapter length of ~3.4k. :|

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On some forgotten roof in Leningrad, with the sky the color of sodium and the streets grey with dirty snow, the Captain shakes out his wrist like it’s hurting him. You toss a knife in the air so you can watch it catch the light, search your Captain’s face for something you don’t quite know the name of.

The wind smells like metal. Winter’s coming.

Or, the universe where both Bucky and Steve fell from the train.