3. i am lazy


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film genre meme | 3/8 - animation 
↳ The Prince Of Egypt (1998) - ‘Hush now, my baby. Be still, love, don’t cry. Sleep as you’re rocked by the stream. Sleep and remember my last lullaby, so I’ll be with you when you dream. River, oh river, flow gently for me. Such precious cargo you bear. Do you know somewhere he can live free? River, deliver him there…’

haircut tonight! i have kept the same hairstyle since high school so uhh this should definitely be exciting. possibly there will be tears and regret but right now this is a thing i have decided to do!

                                                  Special Feeling

someone just followed the fic i stopped in 2009
*sweats* well ways to be disappointed you come for unfinished harry potter meets the marauders french fic while all I write about now is gay ninja in AUs english fics

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I have no life, so I did the thing with the chords for another of Jamie’s The 100 songs. Same as last, chords under the cut.

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You know I am lazy. I’m Italian what do you expect from me? It’s so dark in the living room though… ;3;


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Nooooo please don’t make me go in the dark dark… It is scary. And why did you call me Bubs… MY NAME IS CLEARLY MAMA ORANGE OR ALFONZO THANK YOU VERY MUCH *sleepy mumbling*

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

My first ever high end foundation! I got this just before Year 11 prom because my friend used this and the matching powder and her skin was flawless, and obviously I wanted flawless skin too. For some reason, when I went to buy this the MAC girl was like oh is your skin oily and I was like yeah it is, coz I thought my skin was oily when it was drier than the Sahara. 15 year old me clearly lacked sense.

Anyways, this foundation cost £21.50 for 30ml of product, it contains SPF 15 and comes packaged in a glass bottle with a black screw top lid so there is no pump but you can buy one for just £3 extra I think, I am too lazy to do this so just violently shake the bottle to dispense product.

I wear the shade NC37 which is a perfect match for me with the absolute perfect undertone, no other foundation has ever matched so well. It does sometimes oxidise on me, and sometimes it doesn’t, weird, but I always wear the MAC Prep and Prime in Light boost with it, to highlight so even if it does oxidise it looks more natural.

The foundation is pretty thick, the same sort of consistency as NARS Sheer Glow or ELDW, so it does require a lot of shaking to get some out. It spread’s easily though despite drying quickly and leaves a matte finish used on its own. The thickness does mean you can feel some foundation on ya face, I personally didn’t find this as mask like as ELDW, that made me want to cry. It’s a full coverage foundation that can cover acne, blemishes etc really well but is prone to looking cakey.

I avoid it looking cakey by using a beauty blender to apply (it goes on FLAWLESS) and making sure my skin is prep’d really well. I have to ensure I have no dry patches and I use a good primer (and lots of moisturiser), as I do have dry skin and this foundation is very matte so likely to highlight any dry flakey areas. If you do have dry patches or flakeyness I don’t recommend this at all, but it can with the correct application and prep, work for all other skin types even the usual dry skin, and it is amazing for oilier skin girls. After I have finished applying, I spray over with some MAC Fix Plus (my DIY version here) to get rid of any excess powder and to make it a little dewier. With this foundation, I don’t really need to powder, It lasts quite a while and if you sleep with it on (cheeky), you will probably have quite a bit left on your face in the morning too. If I do choose to powder I use a light finely milled one like Ben Nye Neutral Set or the YSL Souffle D’Eclat with a very fluffy powder brush or my beauty blender.

A great thing about the Studio Fix Fluid is its versatility; you can wear as it is, mixed with illuminator, or another foundation. I mix mine with MAC Face & Body, it gives a flawless radiant full coverage as the F&B is light and dewy. Mixing both also makes it work better for my dry skin. As I mentioned before it is Full Coverage so you probably won’t even need concealer on blemishes, I avoid applying too much of the foundation under my eyes though as I use a lighter concealer there and don’t want to cake that area up.

Previously when I used this, I was convinced it broke me out, and that is a complain lots of people have with this foundation and MAC foundations in general, so I left it and went to pursue other foundations. When I got back round to it, I found it didn’t break me out anymore at all, so I can’t be sure if this was the culprit or just the fact I had a shitty skincare routine and didn’t understand the importance of properly removing my makeup. I don’t wear it every single day, but just some days a week when I’m feeling a little fancy, for more every day I stick to MUFE HD/NARS ALDW and other light feeling foundations. My everyday make up is here.

In summary, I really like this foundation and it will be one I will continue to repurchase unless I find one that is better, I’m really tempted to buy Sheer Glow again and the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage to mix with F&B and see how they fare. But I like my TF Foundation Stick atm, so we shall see.

And I completely forgot to mention this foundation works amazing with this Primer, that’s what I’m wearing in the pictures as well as the Dior Transat Highlighter which was sadly limited edition.  

Pro’s; Full Coverage, Matte Finish, More Affordable Side of High End Foundations, Wide Colour Range, SPF 15, Versatile, long lasting and little transfer,

Con’s: Thick and prone to getting cakey, can oxidise, can cause breakouts in some people, may cause flashback but the spf is low, may not be suitable for very dry skin, paint like smell, no pump, glass bottle so not travel friendly

 Buy Here. 

Makeup Worn in above picture; Girlaktic Allure, Huda Beauty Coco Jo, Dior Transat Highlighter 

Thought I’d attach an old Prom Picture for laughs, idk why no one told me my hair was ridiculous and dying, how did my mother and friend’s even allow this nonsense.


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1 insecurity: I always think I am not able to do anything

2 fears: 1) Being alone
2) Not being succesful

3 turn ons: 1) Getting good grades 
2) When someone shows that like me (in love, friendship or job-wise)
3) Receiving cumpliments

4 life goals:
1) Being a successful professional
2) Raising a family
3) Traveling around the world
4) Meeting my internet friends

5 things I like: 1) Drawing
2) Writing
3) Daydreaming (and creating original stuff)
4) Swimming
5) Partying

6 weaknesses: 1) Indecision
2) Overly-sensitiveness
3) I am too lazy
4) I am easily attracted by boys
5) I like alcohol. Very much.
6) I don’t pay attention easily

7 things I love: 1) Family
2) Daydreaming & creating
3) Music (specially OSTs)
4) Animals
5) Traveling
6) Good movies
7) Online games

8 people I tag: Skip this one xD I am almost sleeping

sunmiflowers asked:

When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy and then pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you!!


1. everything Ace Attorney (ESPECIALLY PL vs. AA, oh my god it’s better than fanfiction) 

2. frands ;; i love my frands so much, friends have been so so so important and TOO GODDAMN GOOD TO ME at every corner of my life and are like 90% of the reason i will always believe that at the end of the day, people are always always always worth believing in and fighting for 

3. getting to be a part of mica ;; just about a year ago i submitted my application and despite all the aurhgjfeijf and bureaucratic woes we’re frustrated with now, i’m still all sappy and emotional i get to be a part of this amazing community and i can someday call mica my alma mater 

4. those moments of clarity where you see a goal you want so so so bad that doubt is just a tiny whisper to a really booming I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH THIS BEAUTIFUL THING AND I WILL DO IT

5. giant robots 

tag 10 people you want to get to know better

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time and date: April 17th 3:06 I just got home from school, freedom!

average hours of sleep: 7ish

last thing I googled: sugar skulls (we’re making them out of clay in art class)

nicknames: I don’t really have any but an anon told me once that my nickname is megs because I remind them of meg from hercules

birthday: February 4th

gender: female

sexuality: …..maybe bi

height: 5'3"

favorite colors: blue and green

one place that makes me happy: my grandparents house

how many blankets do I sleep under: 3 maybe? I’m to lazy to go count..

what am I wearing rn: shorts, a black t-shirt that says live love dream (and my cat got fur all over it when I picked her up. gr.), and my rainbow ribbon

last book I read: terminal by kathy reichs

favorite beverage: either milk or lemonade

favorite food: uh, I have no idea

last movie I watched in theaters: idk I haven’t gone in a while

dream vacation: everywhere.

dream wedding: never really thought about it

dream pet: toothless

dream job: photography (I want to travel around taking pictures)

tag 10 people: uhhh….. idrk that many people that I could tag..
what about the squad that hopey made, if we’re gonna go around spreading cuteness together we should know each other (hopey who are your minions???)