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are there any fanfics where eren starts out straight and levi changes that?

Blue Silence
Summary: Eren is an impulsive painter who finds his greatest muse living just next door to him when he moves into his apartment near campus. Levi, a famous violinist at the school, agrees to model for Eren under a quirky mix-up of circumstances.

I’ll Be The First
Summary: Eren isn’t gay. Nope. He’s straighter than a ruler. Just because he can appreciate an good-looking man doesn’t mean that he’s a homo. Besides, he loves girls and he’s been with enough of them to know this for a fact. Definitely 100% straight. Enter Levi with his annoyingly sexy face and abs that shouldn’t be physically possible. But that doesn’t mean he’s gay. No. He’s comfortable enough in his sexuality to freely say Levi is an extremely attractive man. That’s it.

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Bad Romance | Trial (Open)

Nozaki had spent the past several hours sitting in the Archive, pouring over books. Two large stacks sat beside him. The taller one was a discard pile. Looking for references here was proving harder than he thought it would be. He couldn’t seem to find any manga and was having trouble finding books with pictures. He did however manage to find a section filled with romance novels. Many had covers that could potentially make for good reference poses. 

Hmm. Especially if he added a few more articles of clothing, subtracted a few kilts and ignored the titles.This was not a sub-genre of romance that he was familiar with. Clearly there was some sort of major demographic he was not appealing to with his work. He’d have to ask Ken about it. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to do a few trial sketches of Suzuki wearing one of these plaid skirt-type garments…

Trial Start Case 3

“All right everyone, welcome to the trial of the murders of Katsuo and Mizuiro... Ah, I have something specific for this trial. H.A.R.I~?”

“M-me? Oh... What you said. Right... Sigh, I have to say it myself. This case... You will have two votes. You will vote on Mizuiro-san’s killer, and Katsuo-san’s killer, individually.

“It’s so we don’t have a rehash of last game’s third murder where the fact they only had one vote made it obvious there was one killer. Seriously, they almost voted for Darius and thought he killed the poet-chick-who-I-forget-the-name-of when they only had one vote. Idiots. You can still, technically, vote the same person for both. but keep in mind... the penalty for being incorrect still applies.”

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Már több éve le akarom fotózni ezt a gépet, most meg rövid időn belül már másodszor sikerült. :) 

Kiderült, hogy Magyarországra is engedélyeztetni akarják ezt a mozdonyt, ezért ma délelőtt próbázott a Szentgotthárd-Sopron vonalon. Szóval ez az első alkalom, hogy az STLB egyetlen zöld-fehér Herkulese ebben az országban van. 

This loco is on its first run in Hungary. The one and only STLB green-white Hercules got the running licence for Hungary today morning.

Szombathely, 2015.04.15.


Nikki was listening to Theo and talked with him for a small moment before blinking.


Suddenly a light bulb was light!

The… fingerprints!

“Hold on a minute! I remembered something when I was investigating with Theo! On Katsuo’s neck, we have found a wound where there was a good amount of blood pool under him. Not only that, there are also bloody fingerprints smear on Katsuo’s neck! And it’s big like two small fingers… Has… Anyone took note of that too…? And… I’m…. Not sure anymore if Mizuiro killed Katsuo… At first glance it looked like it but… Can anyone confirm if the smear on Katsuo’s neck matches the width of Mizuiro’s fingers… Or would it be the culprit’s? If that’s the latter case… We need to compare… The fingerprints might help…”

Hopefully this will lead them in the right direction…