Ander Herrera’s first half by numbers:

  • 100% take-ons
  • 38 passes
  • completed 3 interceptions
  • 2 tackles won
  • 1 goal
Myanmar Intercepts Boat with 727 Migrants...

Myanmar Intercepts Boat with 727 Migrants…

Myanmar intercepts boat with 727 migrants http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/punchng/NEWS/~3/T8BkOAd6tsk/

Myanmar intercepts boat with 727 migrants

Myanmar’s navy has intercepted a boat packed with 727 people off the country’s southern coast, about a week after it found a similar vessel carrying around 200 migrants.

Most of those on board this boat were from Bangladesh, a senior official from the…

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XCOM Commander Log

Long War 15b2 Campaign. Normal Difficulty

Second Wave Options

Red Fog: Damage taken reduces Aim and Mobility.
Absolutely Critical: Flanking Guarantees Critical Hit.
Liberators: Require all Countries to be free in order to launch the final mission.
Results Driven: Countries offer less funding as panic increases
Itchy Trigger Tentacle: Upon being revealed, enemies might fire on the soliders instead of heading to cover or going into overwatch.
Aiming Angles: Closer to a flanked target, higher aim bonus.

* * * * * * *

XCOM Commander Log: 006

Day 17

2038, March 17 2016. We detected our second UFO. Raven-3 was scrambled to intercept, and successfully shot it down after taking light damage. Scanners detected no extra threats, so another all private team was sent to investigate the crash site, and touched down at 2227. The UFO was downed at a farm outside of a small town.

This time we encountered heavy resistance. 11 Sectoids along with one of the energy being dubbed ‘Outsider’. A mispositioning at the start lead to Private Mathilde Dumas being flanked and slain. Whilst the remaining 5 soldiers thought bravely, they took heavy damage, and we not able to secure any canisters before they self-destructed. Though, they all earned the right for promotion.

Events were not over then however. I managed to get some sleep, only to be woken up early with reports that another abduction was taking place. This time in Roston-On-Don, Russia. The report came in at 0458, March 18. Despite the fact that we lost a third soldier only a few short hours ago. I decided it would be best to send another all-private strike team to investigate. Hopefully, this will be the last time I need to repeat this tactic.

The strike team touched down at 0515, the aliens were focusing their efforts in a railway station inside of the city. Early fire from the Sectoids lead to the death of Private Mellisa Goosens. Whilst nine sectoids were slain, and a canister secured. Only 2 privates were ready for promotion, so overall this was one of the worst missions that we have had ever since the first lead to the death of two others.