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people need to understand that internet friends, sometimes, are way more important than your “irl” ones. i don’t have any real friend here, and the ones i have, i just hang out with them once a month so depression doesn’t shallow me whole. but every damn time i return home regretting it. 

it’s terrible to hang out with teens especially who don’t care about social issues such as feminism, lgbtq rights, patriarchal standards etc. people that you can’t even confess your sexuality to them, bc they’re gonna assume you’re just “gay”. that’s the only term they know, either way. people who say they are okay with gays, but trans people are weird and “above nature”. 

so long story short, i’m really glad of my internet friends. through internet i met my best friend, and now i can’t imagine life without them. internet friends who are always there to discuss important issues with me, share our problems and laugh until we cry with silly tumblr posts.

this side of the internet, that’s the side i love the most. 

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how do you make gifs??

First of all, I’m sorry it has taken me a few hours to reply but I’ve decided to make a full tutorial of this. I don’t expect anyone to read it but since you asked. P.S: I hope you’re having a great day!

What will be in this tutorial/chat thing:

  • How to download videos for gifs
  • How to make gifs
  • How to colour gifs
  • How to sharpen gifs
  • How to add text to gifs

DISCLAIMER: I taught myself how to make gifs so I’m not sure if my method is the quickest or the best method but it’s how I like to personally make my gifs.

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I’m not obsessed with Glory and Gore, you are.

Got the concept for this baby from a post that’s lost on the internet and the AU is set in the incredible jauregayforcamila's Superhero fic. Hope this makes your day Foster ^_^

Hands? what are hands? they don’t exist in this universe haha nope.

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how hard would you say it is to begin learning japanese? im considering taking it as a class for 3 hours every saturday

honestly ‘beginning’ any language is normally a great time omg you feel like youre learning LOADS just from the basic intro phrases and numbers and what not- it’s once you get over that initial jumpstart and realise how absolutely huge languages are and how much you need to learn that that feeling of ‘well crap’ starts to set in omfg

THAT BEING SAID THOUGH i think that spoken japanese is super friendly pronunciation wise (the main issues tend to be the つ ‘tsu’ sound and ‘r’ sound for english speakers i think?) so that’s nice to begin compared to other languages where you’ve gotta learn how to wrap your tongue around a million new sounds before you can even say ‘hello’

then there’s writing though which is always the catch omfg. when you start japanese you’ll probably start off with learning the hiragana alphabet - once you know all of the basic hiragana characters then you can start doing the lil combination sounds with them AND THEN you can basically write down any japanese word in hiragana which makes you feel very accomplished. hiragana is pretty easy to learn i think? it depends on the person though- i used mnemonics to learn it but other people just write it out dozens of times idk whatever works best for you but they’re not very complicated characters

then you’ve got katakana which u use for foreign words and sometimes in advertising and what not- it’s still all the same sounds as hiragana (apart from some extra sound combos that dont exist in hiragana) which is simultaneously nice and also confusing. even now i still sometimes forget katakana characters and only remember the hiragana whoops. BUT once you get over that that’s okay too omg 

(then kanji is the dreaded one but that’s not really beginner-y or at least the ones you learn when you start will be pretty simple and useful like 見 and 人 and so on)

ANYWAY that was a slight digression. cough. uh. but honestly it so much depends on you and how motivated you are to learn it! of course learning to write in japanese is harder than learning to write spanish or something for english speakers because we use nearly all of the same letters anyhow, but if you’re excited to learn then you’ll pick it up way easier than otherwise. same with the whole language really? i mean i took spanish for like 5 years and i honestly just could not grasp the language at all because i didn’t care for it- whereas japanese (even though people would say it’s harder grammatically because it has concepts that dont really translate to english properly like particles etc.) i found a lot easier even after just a couple months u_u 


weshallflyaway replied to your post “So. I just woke up - the Little One is ready to eat, it’s 4am and I…”

Do you have anyone to help so you can have a little break? Go out and refresh yourself?

That’s usually the thing to do isn’t it - hopefully this evening there will be a bit of a chance to clear my head. <3<3

under-the-northernlights replied to your post “So. I just woke up - the Little One is ready to eat, it’s 4am and I…”

I hear you. Lack of sleep will mess with your mind and dreams. And having two little ones is a double whammy cause you don’t get sleep at night and you can’t sleep during the day. A regular dose of vitamins is really helpful. Vitamin B saved my life.

It’ll probably take a while to get into some kind of routine with having two now. I think it’s the nursing all the time that really makes it difficult, but you’re so right - Husband got some multi vitamins for me a few days ago cause he also suggested that would help. Now I just have to make sure my brain isn’t so fried I forget to take them :D

adksansan replied to your post “So. I just woke up - the Little One is ready to eat, it’s 4am and I…”

if you can get someone to watch the little ones, try yoga. It is the only thing that keep me sane, and my mind is instantly refreshed after a practice.

Yoga is a really great idea - it’s not really a problem to get someone to mind the babes for a little while, but I always feel so guilty taking time away for myself. Classic mum’s problem.

How did you start with the yoga? I wouldn’t really know where to begin if I wanted to try something at home.


"I’m that guy from Vine." Part Two (Part One: X)