Now that we are in the Teiko Arc and everything hurts, do you know why I am posting a lot about Aomine and Kuroko, but not much about Murasakibara, Midorima and Kise, whom I also love? The reason I am letting go all those moments of them, without many screenshots?

It’s because this guy is precious

But not as precious as when he is with this other guy

And this guy is incredibly and absolutely precious

But not as precious as when he is with this other also precious guy

And of course this guy is precious too

But not as precious as when he is with this other guy

Because I love them as Teiko, and I will always feel nostalgic pretty heartbroken actually about their time there, as a team…

… But, it’s with these other guys when they’re finally complete.


(I love Aomine and Kuroko’s relationship, I will always love it even if it broke my heart. But Kagami, and what Kagami means, both for Aomine and Kuroko, in their own different way… I miss that guy so much, really.)

let’s not say goodbye this time: its finally happened, the culmination of this entire season of angst & sadness. this mix recounts (in songs) the journey oliver & felicity went through this season up till 3x20. so its got a bit of angst & sadness but ends with lots of happiness and hope.

01-03. oliver regretting, feeling sad & jealous (3.01-3.07)
04-05. oliver’s “death” (3.09-3.12)
06-08. felicity trying to moving on, oliver trying to let go but both failing miserably (3.13-3.18)
09-10. oliver & felicity finally choosing each other (3.20)
11-12. sexy times (3.20)
13-14. the promise (3.20-)

{listen here}