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Is ODD even a real thing? It sounds like something made up for when a parent doesn’t like the fact that their kid is a teenager.

well like. p much all mental illnesses are simultaneously real and made up, in that certain brains objectively do certain things but the certain things they do aren’t objectively an illness, though looking at it through the lens of illness helps some people and is valid, there are other lenses that are also valid 

but no, I don’t think ODD is a good disorder to have in the DSM. I think framing defiance as a sickness to be treated is really bad b/c it so so so so so easily leads into (pretty much is) “we are making you compliant for your own good” and “if you don’t agree with us on a thing it is just a symptom of your illness”; I think ODD presentation can often be the presentation of a kid who is responding to/fighting back against abuse

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Can you not put your anti-therapy/anti-medication rants in the actuallybipolar tag? Some of us need both to achieve even the tiniest amount of functionality.

Maybe block me, or the tag #therapy you were never a friend to me? 

Some people do need therapy and medication to “function”. Some people also need to avoid therapy and medication to “function” (I wish I had a better word, because “nonfunctional” is way too close to a synonym for “broken”, but I don’t). If therapy and medication has helped you, I’m glad for you, and I am not at all saying you should stop using those things, or that they shouldn’t exist. If you don’t want to read my posts that’s fine but other people in the #actuallybipolar tag might.

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Do you think they hype felicity's character up too much? That's I feel sometimes with all the crossovers.

Yes. They generally tend to be so far up Felicity’s ass that it’s embarrassing to watch since they in no way write her well enough to remotely warrant acting like she’s the second coming.

Green Flash’s Symposium IPA (Picked up at Trader Joe’s). A 3 of 4. For $4 a bomber, this is a steal - it’s a great IPA, although not markedly different than Green Flash’s usual offerings. The body is firmly, intensely bitter - there’s a whole lot of citrus pith quality to it. Smells sweet with some great tropical notes from the hops, but the body is a bitter bomb. Not bad at all, but the bitterness is a bit out of check.