That opening!!!!

Ten days without a number?

Reese: “unplugging it and plugging it back in”

Reese stalking the police band… He really wants to help people no matter what…



Finch talking about Grace with Nathan!

Reese on a motorcycle!


Ernest Thornhill is the Machine!


Reese calling Carter Joss!

Root threatening Grace…

Reese being caught!

The library!!!!!!

Shaw rescuing Reese!

“I’m driving”

“No, no you’re not”

Carter almost being killed!


He revealed the name!

Nathan and the Irrelevants!

The ending!

That promo!!!

  • [SPOILER:2x21, Zero Day. Carter on the phone with Reese]
  • REESE:What can I do for you Carter?
  • CARTER:Something's not right with this Thornhill guy. I talked to the car service he used. Reservations were made online, with instructions to drive from JFK to his office without a passenger. Just exactly whom am I dealing with here?
  • REESE:We've got this one under control. Thanks.
  • CARTER:John, if you just trust me a bit more, maybe I could help.
  • REESE:I know you could, Joss. But right now maybe Beecher needs your help more than we do. Good luck.