Capitalized A episodes, part 1

Some of the episode titles has capitalized A’s. I think these episodes holds some major clues to who A really is. So I have rewatched the four episodes where the capitalized A is in the middle of the words. The first title with the caital A, was 2x25 unmAsked.


This is of course the episode where Mona is revealed as A, but it is also revealed that she does not work alone.

-This episdode starts with the girls sitting in Spencer’s kitchen eating frozen yoghurt, talking about the arrest of Garrett. Melissa walks in and eats Aria’s toffee flavoured yoghurt. She also tells the girls that both she and Garrett knew how Jenna was blinded.  

-When Melissa leaves the girls receive a text from A “You still have something that belongs to me. Bring it, or one of you leaves in a body bag”. Was this a reference to A losing their phone in an earlier episode?

-Right after that, the door bell rings and the girls receives an invitation to the masquerade ball, with a note from A saying “Be there when the clock strikes midnight”. Spencer tells the girls that hide and seek was her favorite game with Melissa because she always won. Meaning the girls would finally find A.

-“Only one smarter than Spencer is Melissa” Hanna to the rest of the girls. In season 5, Mona tells Hanna in a flashback that Hanna is smart, even smarter than  Spencer,

-The girls gather at Ezra’s apartment and Aria tells them that the “bed is holy ground” or something like that, meaning she and Ezra had sex. Spencer says “You sure can keep a secret” Later at the Lost Woods Resort, when Spencer wants someone to join her to look at the guest book, Aria volunteers. Spencer tells her “You’re small, but you’re big”. (Reference to big A?)

-Jenna is not blind anymore, she drives to a secret meeting place with an unknown person (later revealed to be Shana). Jenna tell her “They’re all going to be at the party. You know what you need to do” and then she hands her a scarf.

-At the party, Aria gets a text and goes in some sort of labyrint to meet Ezra. Jenna is following her.

A blond mystery girl in a red dress is seen multiple times.

Jenna and Lucas is seen talking to the Black Swan (later revealed to be Melissa).

-Mona and Spencer leaves for the Lost Woods Resort to see what’s hiding in room 2. It’s A’s lair. Mona pretends to call Hanna and reveals herself to Spencer. She knocks Spencer out and place her in the car and drives off. When Spencer wakes up, Mona asks Spencer to join the A-team. She tells Spencer that she had to earn her spot and that they’re in this together now. Aria calls Spencer and she hears everything Mona says.

-The reason why Mona is A, she says, is that she was so over Ali and that she was never her friend, but Hanna was. And that the girls stole Hanna from her. When Ali left, it pulled the girls apart, giving her space to be Hanna’s friend again.

-The girls comes to rescue Spencer. Hanna almost hits Mona with her car.

-Spencer fights off Mona, and Mona falls off the cliff. She’s still alive, and her watch beeps at 12.00.

-Dr Sullivan is back. Mona had threatened her son, and that’s why she left. She tells the girls that Mona can be okay again with the right treatment.

-Mona talks to herself, about her lipstick Toffee Tango (reference to Aria’s yoghurt?). She continues with talking about how stupid the girls are, and that they’re going to start sleeping with their doors unlocked. “Don’t they know that’s what we want”? Saying this, her voice changes (it sounds like Shana)

Sum up:

Mona is A

Aria is suss

Who is the mystery blonde?

What did Shana do for Jenna at the masquerade?

Did Spencer join the A-team in this episode, without us knowing?