Olicity’s clock tower scene from 2x22 will always be one of my favorites because of 4 reasons

1) Oliver just said the reason all this is happening is because of the person he was 5 years,Felicity’s response- compassion & the epic “you’re not done fighting & I believe in you” speech

2) I believe this is the scene Oliver realized he was in love with her or loves her the most since that’s the S2 finale theme.

3) the light symbolization. When Oliver returns Felicity’s hug & the light shines through,it recalls back to Sara’s quote “someone that can harness the light that’s still inside you”

4) recalls Diggle’s quote “I don’t think love is about changing or saving a person. I think it’s about finding someone who’s already the right fit.” Felicity loves & accepts Oliver for who he is and all his past mistakes. he didn’t have to change for her, or he didn’t have to “save” her.