Rewatching 2x20:

1) I feel like this mess with Greg and Tamara could have been exposited better, but really, I just want to pretend the plot didn’t exist.

2) This is, I think, Regina at her most evil. And in her best hat.

3) I wonder if the owner of George’s Greek tavern is, you know, King George.

4) Rare instance of Emma’s superpower actually working, and of course it’s dismissed by others.

5) Oh, right, Maleficent is still alive. Sort of.

6) Snow/Regina is really is the best relationship in this show.

7) That’s good, Emma. Drag your kid into your life of crime.

8) Snow is super-cheerful in the morning. I’d want to kill her too.

9) “Nobody steals from a dwarf.” I think Grumpy’s been watching LotR too much.

10) How can I make this Greg and Tamara plot stop. No, seriously.