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Top photo is a United Artists publicity photo card

Bottom close up from Picture-Play Magazine July 1927. The caption is misleading - at the time he was staying  in NYC (he went in January 1927 & remained East for several months) , they are talking about him visiting a real circus and not his film which would not be released till - January 1928.

Next stop, home of the blues, Bbq & big booty lol. Orange Mound stand up BHZ stand up North Memphis Stand up Midtown, South Memphis, Raleigh, East Memphis, Big Hamp Town low & high end I fucx with my ninjas all over the city If you know me you know i do. Same dude you saw zoomin down Jackson, popular, or Cleveland on a sk8board on the regular. Same one Who never got a hair cut shit always on nap nap. Still the same laid bacc always joking around, cool calm and collected music head with the wired Cali accent. Memphis and Cali made something special when they brewed me up in the pot and everybody that saw that spark in me deserve credit for pushing and supporting me. I hadnt forgot about not 1 soul you know Who you are. It goes without saying but im going to say it anyway thank you thank you thank you because I cant say it enough to those still holding it down in the M-Town. So when I touch down lets all gather round and smoke a pound! #Memphis see you sone #2UP ready to turn up. Yea school started but the #summer aint over yet I got something special for a special place. #NoPlaceLikeMemphis #Leggo