Not expecting too many people, but I hope it’s at least five, ha ha.

First place: Three buttons, and a custom button, absolutely anything!

Second place: Three buttons

Third place: Two buttons

And two fourth place winners will get a button. If this gets anywhere, I might add some more.


-Blogs and sideblogs are fine, but I’m not a huge fan of giveaway blogs

-Reblog and like to your heart’s content

-No need to follow me, BUT, if you are a follower and you win, a custom button will be thrown in to your winning, even the fourth place ones.

Giveaway will end November 6th! Good luck!


"Unwanted Free Ugly Troll" (by ceruleancynic ) buttons! Karkat I took a bit of liberty with, and even more with the FUSB, but I’m probably going to end up making more anyhow. With pants, next time.

Anyhow, probably going to give these away, unless the author wants them in which case 1. Panic attack, 2. I’ll mail them like the day of. Because I’m totally not the most awkward being on the planet.

Just a note

Please, don’t ever be afraid to approach me for a trade or something. If you want buttons, I can make you buttons, or I can make you holiday cards that you can send to your friends, or sketch cards or drawings you can put on your wall, or bookmarks.

I know my art’s not great, but I love making things, and even more I love making things for other people. It’s why I make these buttons, to give them away.

So if you want a button, one I have or one you want me to draw for you or a friend, or anything else, then tell me! I’m happy to do it for you.