The Beginning...

A deserted house in the mountains

about three hours on foot

from the world summit place

No one knows how long it has been there

or who used to live in it

rumors say that it was…





You cannot easily set foot into that “mysterious mansion” in your town
because if you anger its former occupant, you will not get away lightly…
especially when there are no people there…


*An Innocent seeming book lies before you. Slowly its cover opens and the pages turn, on their own* 

It is not common for a Second Player to feel genuine fear… nor is it normal. They are battle hardened, cruel and used to pain, violence and death, used to the harsh reality that is their world, some more than others. They represent the land rather than the people and are more active in leading their countries and their people, taking a more governmental role in their world. It is not common for them to feel fear, terror or sorrow.

Of course, there are exceptions to every norm; Julchen “Katrina” Beilchmidt is one such exception. She has born more pain in her long life than she cares to admit, suffered more humiliation and torture that most other nations. And it has broken her more than once, leaving her to struggle to put the pieces of herself back together.

But they say that the most broken are often the strongest of all, just as the most cowardly can be the bravest of all.

There is a mansion that stands the test of time, deep in the forested mountains. The location is remote and a no-man’s land; it is not claimed by any country and these countries do not realize that it is there until it is brought to their attention. The innocent seeming stone and brick walls hide blood-splattered corridors, dark and dangerous rooms, corners full of terror and a malevolence that is not to be contested.

There are some who say it is haunted, dangerous and deadly; others laugh at this and brave it’s depths, never to be seen or heard from again. They say the house eats them…. or rather the monster that lives inside.

There is nothing there, only dusty furniture, piles of trash and the prevailing, heavy sense of impending doom.

And yet, you can never remember this place. But you can hear whispers about it, drawing you in, bringing you closer and closer until at last you are trapped with in its walls and chased, hunted down.

We ventured in… All seventeen of us. It did not seem to be bad at first; just empty and a little foreboding. It was not long before we split off, many not being able to stand one another. I remained with my siblings, in hopes that we would not be long in this place. The halls and rooms were silent; you could not hear the sounds of the others. It felt like we were being watched; I could feel eyes on me in every room, with every step I made, though I knew not who it was that watched me. Eventually, I too was separated and wandered around, the walls seeming to darken and the feeling of danger and being watched growing stronger, the entire atmosphere growing more oppressive around me.

I was afraid.

I wandered the halls, searching for my siblings as best I could, though I never ran into any of the other nations, which I found odd. It was not long before I found the Piano Room… it was there that it took a turn for the absolute worst.

We are nations, personifications of the land; we cannot die by mortal means.

And yet, there before me.. lay two of our own. I had never thought I would see it. Blood splattered the walls, marks of hands, feet and chunks of flesh and clothing strewn around and evidence of a fierce battle lay before my eyes. It was one of those times I wished I could scream but to my eternal despair, I could not. They lay there, obvious that one had shielded the other, defended them bodily; siblings, I remember, though ones I rarely spoke too, trapped as I was behind a Curtain.

I raced to their sides, my eyes and desperate whispers begging them to remain with me, to survive. I tried to find bandages but I could see that they were fading quickly. The sting of tears and the bitter feeling of helplessness pervaded through me. Whispered words reached my ears, warning me of the danger, telling me to flee. I watched as they died, the first to be claimed by what walked those halls.

I ran, searching out the others. Collecting them together, trying to find a way out. No one but myself seemed to remember the missing siblings who lay in the blood-soaked Piano Room. I was shocked but kept my silence, afraid to voice and tell the tale of what I saw.

One by one they fell before my eyes; I watched them die at the hands of a monster, myself, powerless to stop them, to keep them from dying. Even those I feared, those I hated for the torment and torture I endured at their hands… I wept at his death, beside the French and the Austrian. I remember clearly the horrific fight between the North Americans and the Monster, as they shielded our retreat, only to fall to the monsters power. Forever will it be burned into my memory the splattered and soaked walls, the slippery floor, the terror that we all felt as our numbers dwindled and hope seemed to fade.

*There is a blood splattered page, the words illegible from the damage*

My siblings and I were the only ones left, all of us injured, covered not only in our own blood, but in the blood of all those who had died, the blood of our enemy and each other’s blood. They made me pause to rest, for I had been relentless in trying to escape, to find away out, to no avail. They found me what seemed to be a safe corner and forced me to rest; it pains me to admit that I fell in to an uneasy, frightened sleep only to wake minutes later when both my brother and my sister staggered in, covered in more blood and more heavily wounded than before. I had not known they had left, gone to retrieve what seemed to be the only thing keeping us from escape.

They were leaning heavily on each other as they seated themselves on the floor, their already pale complexions nearly chalk white like my own, from blood loss. I implored them to stay with me, begged them not to go; I could not handle loosing them, loosing the only people who cared for me. But they smiled and told me that they only wished they could have escaped with me, the same thing that all the rest had said. My sister pressed the little bronze key to my hand before her grip went slack and her eyes fluttered shut one final time, her ragged breath slowing to a halt. My little brother followed quickly after, his glassy purple gaze fixed on my faded red as he drew his last breath, my name, pleaded, the last thing I heard.

In that moment, I found my voice. I screamed in fear, in anguish, in anger.

I have torn through this house top to bottom, turning it upside down in my torment, my cries echoing through the halls that claimed my friends, my family.

Now is the time for me to escape…. to burn this place to the ground…

And yet… I cannot leave… not like this. There has to be a way to save them…. to save them all.

I won’t let it catch me. I survived, so I am the prize.

I have to fix this; there must be a way to go back.

go back….

Go back….

Go Back….




Hey Monster?


Catch me if you can….

DAY 1: HOUR 1:

I arrived here an hour ago searching for my brother, about 15 minutes ago I ran into that…that.. THING! The little fucker wouldn’t even die after hitting him with my bat! Al found me and we ran but he found us. I had to save my bro so I got in the way of the attack. My legs are now broken and I think we are going to die here if we don’t destroy that thing! -Amelia F. Jones

2P Hetaoni Open RP



Monica had arrived at the mansion not that long ago. She had known that Oliver was in there and had been planning to find Oliver and the others. She didn’t think there would be such a horrifing creature like Steve in side of the mansion. The blood that had been spilt was only her own upon meeting that creature. Since then she has been alot more careful and quiet in her search. She had by this time gone up to the second floor to search there.  Shestarted to look about the area of the second floor of the mansion.

Lutz and Monica break a Clock - Part 3



“MEINE SCHWESTERN!!” My head is going to spilt it two! Was that me? Nein…Katrina…Nein…Monica…Nein, Nein it wasn’t real! My hands reach for Monica to hold her close. “Monica? Monica are you alright?!”

My hands gripped my head. It felt like my whole head was on fire from the pain. I could hear something indistinguishable.


Slowly, the sounds became understandable to me. “I’m fine Lutz. I’m never going through that again though. You’re no longer allowed to die,” was all I could say and with the most serious tone of voice I manage. 



I grab her quickly locking her red eyes with my own violet. “Monica, Stop! Focus on me.”

My hands pull her attention to the here and now “We have NEVER been here before. We got to this house yesterday afternoon, there is no way that…whatever it was, was real!”

I try to force a smile…but the image of her knife leaving her hands and her words keep me from any softness.

“It may not have been real but I still saw you dying. Something, I never expected nor wanted to see in my life. It may not be as easy to kill outside of this place but, here? You can still die so then I forbid you from doing so.”

 “Monica…we should get back to Ka-“ We hear screams from Amy and our sister…. coming from the Piano room. My body acts on its own as I grab Monica and run.

To be continued…?

Gabriel's death, post 2, day 11

I… can’t breath… it… hurts… 

My stomach… it hit… my… stomach…


Rosa: Gabriel!

Gabriel: Ro… sa…

She… she came…


Rosa: I’ll be back. Just breathe.

Are… you leaving? B-but… no…


Rosa: See here, I got some water…

Gabriel: Ro- *cough*


Rosa: Here, just drink it…

Gabriel: *gulp* Gruh *coughs blood*


Rosa: O-oh… C-come here…


Rosa: Just… calm down… Breathe… It’ll be alright, don’t be scared…


Rosa: Don’t be scared, Gabriel… It’ll be fine…

Rosa: Oh… he…


Rosa: It’ll be fine… I’ll still protect you.


Rosa: Goodbye, my sweet, helpless Gabriel…


Rosa: I really did love you…

Lutz Dies- Day 2

I am tired of hiding! When that…that monster attacked. I was afriad, I ran from the group and hid. Katrina and Monica are out there, possibly fighting that Monster. I have to find them…
In an odd twist of fate I found Meine Sticky friend. I had been foolish in not bring a weapon. Now I can face that creature.

This house is messing with my head..I have checked a few rooms but they all look the same…I keep leaving a room but it seems as if I haven’t left the one I have hidden in. I keep thinking I hear people in the hall..


"Hallo….Anyone zere? Vhy do I keep hearing foot steps? Don’t vorry Sticky friend, ve’ll find so vone…maybe zey vill have some food, or beer-"


"Schwester??" The lights go off "Vhat is vit of ze lights? Is somevone zere?" 




"Nein…I von’t die. I von’t fall…nicht…again…" He falls to his knees in pain, the last thing he remembers is her red eyes. They looked lost, hurt but now they faded. As his own life no longer had the strenght to keep fighting. "meine Schwestern … Ich habe versucht Entschuldigung

Madeline's Death: Day 13

"Matt, seriously. Tell me what you think about Al. Stop beating around the bush."

"I’m telling you, Maddie, you know exactly what I think. You feel about Amy like I feel about Al. We’re related, you should know."

"Fine, fine, have it your way. But why did you have to bring your hockey stick? You knew that Matthew said we were going to this place. Why in the hell would there be an arena around here?" I stopped walking and gestured to the hallways that we were in, spreading my arms out wide.

"Does it look like we’ll have any time or anyone to play against?”

Of course, he only huffs and walks away, twirling his hockey stick in his hands, causing me to facepalm and run to catch up with him.

We’ve been walking around for hours now, or maybe even a day or two. You can’t really tell in this place, but I know that we’re tired. We couldn’t stand to be near anyone else, especially the Americans due to their idiotic behaviour. They’re just going to get themselves hurt, but whatever, not my problem.

All of a sudden, we stop and hear screams coming from one of these damned hallways. There’s so many that we can’t pinpoint exactly which hall, but we have to go take a look.

"Split up?"

"You take this hall, I’ll take that one."

I don’t know who screamed, I just know that we have to find out who it is. I run past him into the hall across from me, and bolt down as fast as I possibly can. There’s a dead end where I go either left or right, and decide on a whim to go right. So many turns and dead ends later, I hear more screams, which make me start to get worried that it’s someone important to me.

Another scream, and I dart down the closest hallways where it sounded the loudest. I come back out into an area where different hallways were connected, and start looking around to see if I can find any sign of a struggle. I start hearing loud breathing and footsteps coming from behind me. Out of instinct, I turn around in a flash, not looking at who it was and throw them onto the ground.

"Are you serious right now?”

"…Matt? The hell?!"

I get off of my brother and hold out a hand for him to take. I help him up, but I notice something is off about the air. It’s quiet, and I don’t hear any loud noises, or any at all, for that matter. Only the sound of our breathing. And it’s nerve wracking to me.


I look at him and then grab his jecket sleeve to drag him down the hall after me, running faster and faster… breathing harder and harder..
I find the room where the sounds seemed to have been coming from, seeing a random person laying on the ground, soaked in blood and battered almost to death.

"A human..?" I wonder out loud. " Hey, dude, wake up, this isn’t funny. Stop playing around." I try everything that I can to force him awake, punching him, even. Nothing seems to be working.

"Matt, go look around, tell me if you find anything."

"Fine, try to see if there’s anything we can get from him. It might help us stay alive in this place." He walks back out into the hallway from where we had come in from while I search through the man’s pockets reluctantly. I don’t like doing this to him. It’s not right for anyone to do this, but I never personally knew him, and I need to get out of here. It’s not the same as the hunters in my woods. It’s really not the same…



"Matt! Hang on!"

I jump away from the now dead man, running towards my brother when I heard his distressed voice calling out to me. I bolt out the door and find that.. monster… backing my brother up against the wall, trapping him.

"Matt!" I try to call out to him, but it doesn’t seem like he can hear me. The disgusting creature is covered in blood, which, sadly, I’m hoping is another person’s and not Matt’s.


He’s trying so hard to get the thing away from him, using his hockey stick as a weapon, trying to hit it anywhere he can. The face, the legs, anywhere he can get to it.

Just then, I make probably one of the worst, or best, decisions of my life, at that moment. I run around the monster, rip the hockey stick out of my brother’s hands, and push him out of the way. I’m the one trapped now.

I’m the one who’s going to die.

"MADDIE. What the hell are you thinking?!"

I’m saving your life, you asshat! Run!" I can see out of the corner of my eye that he’s surprised that I even did this for him, but he knows what’s going to happen to me, and probably to him, if he doesn’t get out of here.

"I’m not leaving you here! We need to go find the others, goddammit!”

He starts walking back over to me, trying to place himself inbetween me and the monster. I’m not going to let him do this. I can’t.

I look over to him, still swinging the hockey stick at the monster before me. “Matt, do me a favour before you run. Give me your cigarettes.”

He’s confused, but he tosses them over to me. Trying to multitask, I take one out and light it with the lighter I always carry. I never really smoke. I don’t care for the taste, it’s only a nervous habit. Right now, I think this is as good a time as I’ll get.

"That reminds me…" I forgot that I was still wearing a necklace he gave to me for a birthday gift so many years ago. I rip it off of my neck and toss it over to him. A little something to remember me by…

"Matt, no games anymore. I want you to run and leave me behind. Get the fuck out of here, okay? I’ve got this. I’ll see you again, I promise.”

He finally gives up trying to reason with me, turning and running away from me, and my apparent demise. I’m done playing games. If I’m what’s going to keep the others alive for a little while longer, so be it. I’ll go out with a bang, I won’t go down without a fight.

So I’ll fight.

You have lost Madeline.
Items Lost: Matt’s Hockey Stick.


England goes Deaf

This segment happens between day 9 and day 10. This happens when Amy and Allysin manage to fight of Steve off, with some unforeseen consequences

and Yes we know in the original HetaOni England goes Blind, but in this HetaOni 2pFemEngland goes deaf…   

Amy: Mom?

Allysin: *isnt paying attention, doesnt hear her*

Amy: MOM!! *grabs Allysin’s shoulder*

Allysin: Huh? What? Did you say something Amelia?

Amy: Are you okay?

Allysin: Amy, stop mouthing words and actually speak! 

Amy; I’m not playing! 


Allysin …….. I am Sorry America… I can no longer hear…..

[art done by twerkinmochi ]]

Time Loop #?? - Katrina's Death - First Part

A new time loop began as the pale, ghost-like Prussian sat down to read through her journal to remind herself of all she had done, the times she had failed. She had to remember it all so she could keep them safe.

The entry for the beginning of this loops looked like this: Hope is something that is in short supply in our world.. it is something that many of us lost in our youth. This mansion is a void for hope; there is none inside these walls. And yet….

And yet…

And yet, now? Now I have hope. I can win this little game. It will be hard, but if I can avoid all the triggers, the mistakes, the missteps, the accidents and the deaths… If I can keep them all from dying, maybe, just maybe, they will remember me when they get out and they are safe from this place.


Ah, wer bin ich witze…. no one will remember me. I’ve told them nothing to keep them safe, to keep the monster from going after them, and it has worked.

The world will forget the last Prussian personification… and I am okay with that. I’ve lived long and it is enough to know they will get out safely.

Katrina closed the book, and got to her feet. It was time; any moment now, Monica would receive the phone cal what she could not stop, that would lead them all to the Mansion.

Lutz had his gun, check,

Momo had her knife, check

Katrina grabbed her sword, one of the last relics from her days as a Teutonic Knight, still sharp and deadly and slid the sheathed weapon into her backpack.

It was time to begin again, but to keep them all safe. 

It was time to die

Gabriel's death, post 1, day 11

Th-they… they’re gone. Rosa’s gone. We met a-… a thing and I just… ran. I don’t even know what happened! It was-

Oh God, it was right behind me! I-I blacked out… what happened? Rosa… where’s Rosa? H-how did I survive? It.. it hurts… everything hurts…


I have to find her! I have to… to find someone… If the thing’s still there… But I’m just… I’m so… exhausted… I’ll just… sit down for a while…


There… now I just need a gum and then everything is okay…


Gabriel: N-no!

My gum… it’s gone! I have to… I have to find it… Where could it be? Probably where we met the monster before… maybe?


I have to find it… ow. It hurts, everything hurts… but I need to find it…

Maybe Rosa is on the way…


Is the monster still h- There!

Lock the door?




Gabriel: There you are! 

It’s here! Now it’s just Rosa- 


Wh-what that s-

Gabriel: AAA-!


End of the First Loop and the Beginning of the Second - Day 1 and the Morning of Day 2

*Another entry appears in the journal*

I messed up…. Gott im Himmel, I made so many missteps, mistakes and failures. I do not know where I went wrong so many times. I tried to prevent everything from happening, tried to prevent us from entering the mansion.but…. when it is hard to speak out loud to others, who is going to believe you? They certainly did not

In the end…. we still lost people. The first to die was Marianne, she just…. disappeared. I never as able to find her, to save her. I could not look Francios in the eyes…. not when I failed so terribly and cost him the life of his sister. He went on a reckless mission to find her body… We nearly lost him, too.

Others died… 

I am going to turn back time again… We are going to make it out of here… everyone…. together. I won’t stop trying until I succeed.

Hey Unhold, Ich gewinne diese Runde.


Come and catch me..

 - Katrina Bielschmidt

There is a song, that the journal has taught me, one to turn back time. I’m going to write it again so I don’t forget.

Blume leuchtend schön,

kannst so mächtig sein.

Dreh die Zeit zurück,

gib mir was einst war mein.

Blume leuchtend schön,

lass? mich nicht allein.

Halt das Schicksal auf,

gib mir was einst war mein;

was einst war mein.

With this…. I can try again. I can try my best to save everyone.

Flavio's Death: Day 15

Ive been walking for ages…Who knows how long ive been in this place. Its so filthy! I wonder how someone even manages to live in such a pig pen such as this. Ugh why am i thinking these things i should be looking for my fratello, who knows what trouble he couldve gotten himself into. Worst case senario is that he had gotten himself killed. Which would mean something bad would happen anytime soon~

Hmm? Is there something back there? Behind the chair? might be something to get out of this horrendous place!


Oh shit! M-Monica? You cant be dead right? *nudges the lifeless body* Aw come on you still owe me money! *takes a closer look* Is that…is that a key?


Oh it is! I’ll be taking this my friend~
obtained Rusted Key
*footsteps are heard in the distance*
Fuckfuckfuckfuck im out of here.


Ive been checking each and everydoor ive passed, and this key wont fit into any of the ones ive found so far. Is this some kind of fucking joke?! I just want to go home… And have a very long siesta…

There’s a door at the end of the hallway! maybe itll fit in there!
Used: Rusty Key


Yes it fits! Now lets look around for something to at least break a windo-


*Attempts to open the door only to find that its jammed shut* COME ON OPEN UP PLEASE PLEASE JUST OPEN UP IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE JUST O-


Flavia's Death.... day 8


i…i think i’m safe for now… damn… that was close….


(sits on the bed) what was THAT thing? it was hideous!  god… if it find me….


i might be done for…… fuck… i forgot my guns…. dammit…

weaponless and alone….. 

i should have went after the others…..



if i’m going to die i better write a letter…. i’m sorry guys….. sorella…fratello….. i guess i wasn’t strong enough…..



Rosa's death, day 6, post 2

It wasn’t a friend.

It wasn’t even anyone we know… It was a monster, an entity making my whole body scream with fright. We got away, a few hallways in front of it as a head start. 

I’m scared.

I’m really, really scared, but I can’t tell. If Gabriel knows that he’ll freak - he’s already freaking out. I’ll have to keep strong for both of us, that has always been my duty to him. He’s not strong enough to hold himself together, so I have to do it for him. I have to save him.


Gabriel: We have to get out, we have to get out, Rosa, Iwanttogetout, I’mscared!

Rosa: Gabriel,


Gabriel: OW!

Rosa: The door is locked


Rosa: Now come on! We have to find another way out! Just trust me!


Rosa: A door! But… it’s locked!

Gabriel: I-I have the key…

Rosa: Give it to me! Fast!

Used Now Bloody Key

Rosa: Come on!


Rosa: Get in!

Gabriel: Where are you-


Rosa: Shush! Stay there! Don’t follow me, understand?!

It’s here, I can hear it outside this room. I have to save my Gabriel, he mustn’t die. I have to be strong. I have to save him. It shouldn’t be too hard. I have a gun - I can’t lose with a gun. I’m strong. I can save him.

I have to save him. I have to save him. I have to save him.


I couldn’t save him.


Gabriel: … Wh-where are you?


Gabriel: R-Rosa? Is everything… okay?


Gabriel: It’s so dark… Rosie, are you there?


Gabriel: You would have beaten the monster by now… nothing can beat you, I know…


Gabriel: R… Rosa!!

  • Turn Back Time - Day 8 - German
  • askthewhiteboardwhisperer

*A short, sloppily written note appears in the journal*

fewer injuries this time… I managed to fight off the monster and keep people from being killed… its getting stronger as time passes…. or rather does not pass…

Another Italian died today… need to be more careful… people have to stay together…. key to staying alive…. never be caught alone….

I win this round.

try again, monster.

-Katrina Beilschmidt

Rosa's death, day 6, post 1

After getting into the mansion we got separated from the rest of the group. For now I’m simply curious about this place. It’s old and worn and weird, far from my usual standard, but at the same time I can’t help but getting a little excited. I would have preferred not to get away from the others, as the atmosphere makes my instincts flare, but I should be able to take care of myself. And Gabriel. I’ve protected him for so long now it should be no problem.


Gabriel: Can’t we leeeave? I don’t like it here…

Rosa: The door is locked.


Gabriel: But I didn’t even want to come here in the first place!

Rosa: *hits him* Shut it. I’ll check this out and then we’ll figure out how to get out.

Gabriel: S-sorry…


Gabriel: I’m thirsty. Do you think that the water works?

Rosa: I don’t know, but the lights do.

Gabriel: O-oh! *dish falls from the table.


Rosa: Idiot!

Gabriel: I’m sorry! We’ll just get it back u- OW!


Rosa: Let me see that.


Rosa: Let’s find something to fix that.

Gabriel: Alri- Oh, a key!

Obtained Now Bloody Key


Rosa: Really? I wonder what it opens… And what it is doing here…

Gabriel: M-my hand… 

Rosa: Oh, come on.


Gabriel: Wh-why are we using your socks? It’s so-

Rosa: Would you stop complaining. I couldn’t find anything else, okay?

Gabriel: But it hurts!

Rosa: *glares* Just shush! Something could have heard!


I wonder if I should leave my boots here…

Gabriel: *presses on the bandages* OW!

Rosa: *glares*


Gabriel: I’m sorry…

It’s my favorite pair… Given to me by my Gabriel even if they are far from his own taste of clothes. If there is one thing we have never agreed on it is what clothes to wear, but even so he has always been able to figure out people’s style and find something that fits. Odd as it is, it’s something close to a gift…

A useless gift, of course, but it only makes him sweeter…


Rosa: I guess not.

Gabriel: Are you leaving them?

Rosa: Yes, something big was attracted by your yelling and I don’t know if it’s a friend or a foe.

Gabriel: B-but that’s-!

Rosa: I know! Come on!

My favorite boots. Your gift. My most precious possession except for you.

But it can’t be helped.

Rosa's death, day 6, post 3

I… I think I died… it got me. How… how did it get me?! I have never lost before! This can’t be true! I won’t let this happen!


Gabriel: R-Rosa! N-no… no… Rosa!

No, Gabriel, listen! He’s coming back! Don’t you dare stay here!


Gabriel: I-I… I’ll… Bye!

… Gabriel… Oh, my Gabriel… No… No, I didn’t mean that… Don’t… don’t leave me… Please…


Monster: *creak* *snort* 

Please… Please… Gabriel, come back… Come back and… save me…


I don’t… I don’t want to be dead.


Gabriel: R-Rosa… Y-you’re… You can’t be…

You came back… you came back to me… I thought… I thought you’d left… for good…


Gabriel: No… No, just… close your eyes, Rosie. It’ll be fine.

Wh-what? G-Gabriel, what are you doing.


Gabriel: Come… come on. We’ll find you a place to sleep…

No… Gabriel… Gabriel, think! You’re not stupid, you and everyone else may think you are, but you’re not stupid! I know you’re not!


Gabriel: *tears falling slowly* We’ll find you a place where you can rest… 

Gabriel, pull yourself together! I’ll hit you again if you don’t-! … I-I… I can’t…


Gabriel: See, there was a bed in here. You can sleep here…

Gabriel, for fuck’s sake! This is not funny, I’m not sleeping!


Gabriel: Th-there. *sob* It’ll be fine there…

Gabriel, get away! Don’t you dare die with me, you have to get away! The monster is still in this house!


Gabriel: Then we’ll just… lie here.

Someone! Someone help! You have to save him!


Gabriel: We’ll go to sleep. And when you wake up again you’ll get us out of here! You’ll save me!

Gabriel, damn it, stop being so fucking helpless! I need you… I need you to survive!


Gabriel: You’ll get us out… You always… save me… *eyes closes*

… Someone… please… please save my husband…