2p prussia


And the crappiness continues… oh man what have I just done
Anyway here we go again with a short 2P!talia Animation in style of the beautiful world. Germany’s Part is a bit short .. I’m sorry for that.
(Well I think this will be the Intro and the other one will be the Ending for my upcoming Episodes…)

Things Everyone in the Hetalia Fandom Needs to Understand:
  • The Bad Touch Trio are not pedophiles.
  • France is not a rapist.
  • Germany is not a crazy nazi who abuses Italy.
  • Netherlands is not a pedophile.
  • America and Denmark are not morons. (they’re just big, happy puppies)
  • Belarus is not psychotic.
  • None of the female countries or the nyo! countries are sluts (and even if they were, it would be okay)
  • England can cook.
  • None of the 2Ps are just mindless murderers and rapists.
  • Sweden is not abusive to Finland or Sealand. ( ‘nd h’ d’esn’t t’lk l’ke th’s)
  • Prussia isn’t a moron, either.
  • Switzerland is not abusive to Liechtenstein.
  • Italy is not a complete coward.
  • China is a man.
  • Finland is not just a cute little ‘damsel in distress’. (he’s the cutest badass ever, though)
  • Norway is not abusive to Denmark. (despite the whole tie-choking thing)

these are just my feelings, feel free to add more like it if you want.


//flops down i’m sorry i meant to answer messages this weekend but gosh everything’s all busy and i have testing coming up and i have to learn a year’s worth of world history in a week bluh bluh so appropriately the only thing i have to offer is these three =v=

2p poland, 2p prussia, and a cleaned up and suited 2p hungary! Piotr Łukasiewicz, Kristoff Weillschmidt, and Irisko Héderváry respectively / v \