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Omg I love red velvet pancakes! Can you draw Mattie wearing one of Matt's shirts while making breakfast and then a shirtless Matt smiling from like the doorway of the kitchen? (Its a lot, I know xD it just came to me)

I have a few requests still in my inbox and I’m slowly trying to get to them

Ludwig van Beethoven (16 Dec 1770 - 26 March 1827) was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western music, he remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers. His best-known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5 concertos for piano, 32 piano sonatas, and 16 string quartets. He also composed other chamber music, choral works (incl. the celebrated Missa solemnis), and songs. Born in Bonn, then the capital of the Electorate of Cologne and part of the Holy Roman Empire, he displayed musical talents at an early age. During his first 22 years in Bonn, he intended to study with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and befriended Joseph Haydn. He moved to Vienna in 1792 and began studying with Haydn, quickly gaining a reputation as a virtuoso pianist. He lived in Vienna until his death. In about 1800 his hearing began to deteriorate, and by the last decade of his life he was almost totally deaf. He gave up conducting and performing in public but continued to compose; many of his most admired works come from this period.

2P!France thinks he’s hideous, hates beautiful people, and poisons them with expensive wine.

bonus from my au where 1p/2p souls are connected and they cant hurt or hate (like really hate) each other: 2p!france always talks about how he hates his 1p for his beauty but at night he cries because his best friend, his lovely 1p, is just so beautiful

bonus bonus from my au: 1p!france knows this and when his 2p falls asleep he hugs him and tells him he’s beautiful because if he does it when he’s awake he only gets mad

bonus bonus bonus from my au: 2p!france only pretends to get mad to keep up his tough guy persona (the one all the 2p!s have whether they admit it or not) and pretends to fall asleep just to hear 1p!france say nice things about him.