I mean everyone else is doing it so I might as well hop on the bandwagon

Hey kiddos, it’s almost a new year! 2014 was pretty rough but we made it through, and the love and support I have seen throughout this community is absolutely wonderful. I want to take a minute to thank some people who have made Tumblr such a great place for me—these blogs are amazing, and you should follow them asap! I love you guys bunches, and remember to stay unique, proud, and beautiful for this new 2015 year <3

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2p-britain・ actuallyaustria・ actualsweden・ aimikoshibaalfradalfredssamerimochisangrypersianaph-englandaph-spainaphaphaphaphbulgariasaphdavieaphemmaapheuroaphfemmeaphgermanysaphgucciaphjapanaphlampaphnyoitalyaphondakikuaphprussiaaphroderichaphshitaphsnowaustrieabelaroosbelgiennbloomhimebonnefoysbruhssiabubbleteahimebumefoyschigiiiichikyuuscozylevi


dennorsexualdensexualdoitsudoritovargasdorkticsdrunk-in-hetaliaelectricalsunfinlandiyeahfrukinghellgermoneysgilberthellabeilschmidtgotvodkahanatamagotchihanatamangohaytalia ・ heartofhetaliahetalianbaehetaliangonewildhetaliaruhetaliatehetaliaxispowershetalibaeheyytaliahipsteraustriahipstercanadaidcilsigiri-suitalameivanswaginsky


jinglebellaruskikublossomskikuhondalithuaniialoliattacksuloveinolovinolovinosragazzaludbeilschmidtludwigsweeniemathlaskohlermatthewbeilschmidtsmenkenshokumintoteaminty-wonderlandmochifever mochikyuunerdgisanetherlands-aphnorsassnorwhynorwxynyohunnyomeripan


oluo-bozadooreamerikapolands-personal-shopperpruisenpruitatrashprussiasassratchetivanbraginskyricebarrssascakeshy-germanysorellaperfratellospain-in-the-assspainfulspamalby・ tachibanaaaaatadaseytiraveltransfinlandtzukishimaunder-prussiausukvenezitosviva-la-hetaliavogelchanwongyaowreniganyaoispeedybapyonqsoo

Thanks again guys, y’all are the best <3


Intro- 11:30am

Veneziano: ask-felivargas
Japan: askfluffyjapan
America: ask-the-boldcourageoususofa

Nordics- 12:00pm

Iceland: icecoldcutieface
Norway: ask-hetalia-norge
Denmark: askfriggingnyoromanoanything
Sweden: roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum
Finland: aph-ask-finland

BTT- 1:00pm

France: awesomerevolutionarytomato 
Prussia: roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum 
Spain: askaphspain

FACE- 2:00pm

France: awesomerevolutionarytomato
America: freedom-fries-and-cola
Canada: askcosplayaphcanada
England: roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum

Itabros- 3:00pm

Romano: ask-lovifreakingvargas
Veneziano: ask-felivargas

2p- 4:00pm

2p!Italy: ask-2p-italian-brothers
2p!Romano: ask-fabulous-flavio
2p!England: cupcakesandsymphonies
2p!Germany: askthereallifegilbertandludwig

Ancients- 5:00pm

Britannia: mother-britannia
Scandinavia: mamma-scandinavia
Rome: roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum
Celt: awesomerevolutionarytomato

Intro to the Fams- 5:55pm

Italy: ask-felivargas
America: ask-the-boldcourageoususofa

Romantic- 6:00pm

Rome: roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum
Veneziano: ask-felivargas
Romano: ask-lovifreakingvargas
Spain: askaphspain

Germanic- 7:00pm

Germania: roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum
Germany: askthereallifegilbertandludwig
Prussia: askcosplay-prussia
Austria: awesomerevolutionarytomato
Holy Rome: askcosplayhre

Frying Pangle- 8:00pm

Austria: awesomerevolutionarytomato
Prussia: askcosplay-prussia
Hungary: askthemaplenation

Nyo- 9:00pm

Nyo!America: missameriko
Nyo!England: ask-that-english-lady
Nyo!Latvia: flower-crowns-and-poetry
Nyo!Canada: askmissmadeline
Nyo!Italy: ask-felivargas
Nyo!Germany: surroundedbybothersomefools
Nyo!Prussia: ask-the-2p-belarus

Soviets- 10:00pm

Russia: become-one-with-askrussia
Belarus: awesomerevolutionarytomato
Ukraine: asknyotaliagermany
Lithuania: ask—lithuania
Poland: ask-the-fabulous-polska

Female Nations- 11:00pm (Again, first six to come)

Ireland: ask-felivargas
Belarus: awesomerevolutionarytomato
Ukraine: asknyotaliagermany
Hungary: askthemaplenation
Israel: askcosplayisrael

Ending- 12:00am

Veneziano: ask-felivargas
Japan: askfluffyjapan
America: ask-the-boldcourageoususofa

Yay! Congrats to all of you! Message us ASAP if you are unable to attend for any reason! Thanks and rehearsal schedule is about to be posted so look out for that.

Finally got around to making my first follow forever!

Stars are for blogs that post mainly hetalia, italicized for friends (if I’ve spoken to you before), and bolded for mutuals. If I forgot to add your url here and you are a mutual or friend, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the list! ✿ (transparent sweden by transparentalia

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If there’s another nation out there that’s gone through worse than I have, it’s Polska. Even if he’s fortunate enough to have his country around, even today.

…Though sometimes, it’s easy to see how little he’s actually recovered from certain… events. If I were to have a best friend, I guess I’d say it’s him. And I’m certain he feels the same way.