JJ: Did you ever win the scare war between you and Nina Dobrev?

AL: Right now, she’s winning, but it’s only because I’m working on Vikings, and she came to Dublin and scared me. So I’m going to go to Atlanta and gonna get her back, so it’s still on.

JJ: How did she scare you in Dublin?

AL: She had a friend, that also works with me, and she flew out, and she was supposed to come visit but she came and visited a couple days early. I walked into the hotel lobby and she was hiding behind a wall, and she freaked me out. I was really happy to see her, but I was also very angry that she got me.

—  Alexander Ludwig talking about Nina. - Source

Losing bets sucks

Alexander Ludwig taking about Nina Dobrev
  • Interviewer:Let's talk about The Final Girls! How's the prank war with Nina Dobrev going?
  • Alexander:Well right now I can say she’s definitely on top. The first time she got to town she emailed me asking if I could come over and say hi. So I go and knock on the door and no one answers and next thing I know she jumps out and scares the living hell out of me. Then she went to the bathroom and I hid behind the door and I freaked her out like crazy. And I’m like this is a two way street – you don’t know what you got yourself into.
  • Interviewer:But you said she's winning?
  • Alexander:She’s winning right now because I went to go shoot Vikings in Dublin and she was traveling in Europe and she was coming to visit but she came three days early without telling me. So she got me in the hotel and got it on video and freaked me out to no end. I was so happy to see her but it was hilarious. So now I have to get her back! I promise you I’ll get so bad. I know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to give it away. But I’m definitely going to surprise her in Atlanta.
  • Interviewer:It seems like you guys got pretty close while filming! Do you still keep in touch with the other cast members?
  • Alexander:Every single one of them. That was one of the most incredible shoots I’ve ever done. We’re all so close, Nina and I more so than anyone. Malin [Akerman] and I are like brother and sister. I love that girl to no end.