ok storytime: i’m kinda drunk, it’s really late at night, i have my laptop in front of me, so the only reasonable thing to do is draw drunkenly lame pictures on ms paint, right? so here i give to you norway, 2p norway, and a different design for 2p norway. you can ignore him. sorry for wasting ur time

(( Ahahaha, look at my 2P!Norway - such a player! :’D And the regular Norway is just so done with everything. Thank you so much, I love this! And you are totally not wasting my time! I feel honoured to receive art like this! :3 The other 2P!Norway is really cute, am I allowed to draw him for you? :D ))

Watch on askcosplay2pengland.tumblr.com

Part 2 of the wonderful panel I was on. and this is one reason I stay away from 2p france. I had to runnnnnnnn I swearrrrrrrr!!!!!!

2p Italy is a suave piece of shit, flamboyantly lazing his way around and deviously flirting with anything that moves. He likes drinking, though it takes a lot for him to get drunk and when brooding he can be found mooning in Vatican City. When he’s not off selling his skills to the Mafia as a side hobby, he’ll be trying to assassinate 2p Germany in an attempt to goad him into a fight.



And the crappiness continues… oh man what have I just done
Anyway here we go again with a short 2P!talia Animation in style of the beautiful world. Germany’s Part is a bit short .. I’m sorry for that.
(Well I think this will be the Intro and the other one will be the Ending for my upcoming Episodes…)