Losing bets sucks

emilyjones-2p said:

Do you want to play?? C'mon!! *Shoots a baseball ball to his face* 8D


Wow, how rude! That isn’t how you ask someone to play a game with you~

Nevertheless, I suppose a few minutes couldn’t… Prepare to be annihilated~ 

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  1. I though I would grow a dong when I was younger. (I am not joking)
  2. I speak 2 languages but can understand a bit of at least 8 other languages.
  3. My parents said they adopted me from a British-Italian family because I over use hand gestures and apparently speak with very British sounding English. (and I am obsessed with tea)
  4. I can not draw for shit but that doesn’t stop me
  5. I am 5’2 my brother is pretty much 6’ 

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