The amount of hate CL gets is disgusting.

Well, I’m really tired of this.
No matter what she does, she always is hated for no reason.
Like really i feel bad for her, I feel no one ever sees her for who she is. It kinda pisses me off because CL has worked so hard to get to where she is.
And for someone to say she is selfish is very untrue. CL is the least of that.
Why don’t people ever get the chance to know CL better. 

CL works hard for 4 years to promote herself and is now getting the attention she deserves and people are making it seem as if it’s always been that way. Haters are gonna use any reason to hate.

I don’t understand, CL only want to be happy and achieves her dreams.
She raps well, she sings well, she has good style, she EVEN participated in composing and writing lyrics.

It would be cool to be friends with a celebrity. Especially if that celeb was Lee Chaerin (aka CL).
No, I don’t know her personally,you either.. But judging only by people who have known her personally….. she manages to captivate everyone she works with,  she’s definitely a great influence and a wonderful person.

CL arrogant, selfish? Please!
It’s important to understand the differences between arrogance and confidence.
Those with confidence can easily overcome fears and uncertainty and arrogant people usually view themselves as superior and never admit their mistakes. An arrogant person thinks they are better than others, while a confident person knows they are just as good as others.
Confident people are high-minded, because they can feel good without having a desire to offend others. They usually see people’s potential and can help them succeed in something.
CL hopes that her debut in the US turns out well so that it will be helpful to 2NE1 members.
2NE1 SG presscon finished! I asked CL: If u were requested to compose a solo for the other members, what style would u assign to each? Composer CL:  “For Minzy, something that she can dance to. And for Bom something that’s really soulful.”CL said the 3 already asked and she’s been working on solo songs for them. For Dara, “something to highlight her sweet voice…”

cr> @angelpilgrim

“She is a child who always thinks of people around her first before herself”- Dara

A truly self-confident person is able to show vulnerability and even admit past mistakes.
“I went to an Usher concert, and it felt so weird because no one was taking care of me. I went with Diplo, but I got lost. I was looking for him for like an hour, but couldn’t find him. Everyone was pushing me around, asking me if I’m Japanese, Chinese—it was amazing.”

CL reveals that just like everyone else she sometimes feel lonely & unsure if she’s doing it right 

“For CL, blackjacks.. they’re my friends and family. They’re just like a part of me. For our 3rd anniversary they wrote a letter telling me the reasons why i am beautiful and when i read that i thought they really love me. Although it’s not my style to cry, i cried a lot by myself. “
- CL
I’m not afraid of failure. It’s not fun to try things that are safe from the very start.” 

Attitude is everything when it comes to sex appeal. It’s much more important than physical appearance. Talent and personality overpower beauty.
It’s hard to live in a country where the society is so fucked up.
Where they’re so obssesed about looks and are so butthurt because she’s confident despite not falling under their beauty standard.

My love for her is insane, she’s really an amazing person, just seeing that her doesn’t giving a single fuck about what other says about HER. it’s just incredible. She’s just being herself and that’s what i love the most about her.

She isn’t afraid to be herself.
She’s so multifaceted…
Sweet ^^ cute and smart.



Confident,sexy, charismatic! ♥

She’s got a radiant confidence that’s captivating.

She’s funny.
She acknowledges her fans.

FAN> CL you come far all these years, got a homey proud smiling tearing up at that ultra performance haha.

CL replied: you a true gzb you guys are the reason im here cant wait to make you guys even more proud.

What else can you ask for?

CL taught me to be confident in myself even if I don’t always feel it and stop trying to please others, if they don’t like the real you then they aren’t worth your time.  She has given me strength and faith in myself, more than I ever thought possible. Just get a chance to know CL better. She is a good person and the best leader ever. I don’t think anyone can live up to what CL has done for her group.

We love you lee chaerin. Never forget that. You have our support.

Gzbz and Blackjacks got your back! ♥

That’s all.