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hey, another question :) why do you think videos regarding book/tour are on dan's channel only? they've announced gaming channel together)

You know…I wish I had a good answer for that. Honestly, I’ve been trying to think of an intelligent reason for why they might have made that decision and so far I haven’t come up with much. I mean, of course there’s the obvious idea- Dan has a lot more subscribers than Phil. But I still don’t know if that would be enough to make them choose that route. When I first saw the 2nd video go up, I instantly expected that it had likely been uploaded to Phil’s channel. That way they would have each posted one half of the announcement. I mean I definitely think it was good that they also uploaded the 2nd one to Dan’s. It was a very needed explanation and the people that previously watched the trailer on his channel definitely needed to also watch the sit down vlog. So I get why both were put onto Dan’s. But why not also upload both of them to Phil’s? Maybe they just thought it would be overkill to do so? I honestly don’t know. It was a bit strange because I definitely do know of some people who only subscribe to Phil and not Dan and those people would have missed it. I’m thinking maybe they just figured that the target audience for their book are fans of Dan AND Phil as a pair and typically the ones who are very invested. A casual fan that is only subscribed to one or the other isn’t as likely to be interested in buying merch. So I guess maybe they thought that those who would actually care for a book would be very unlikely to miss the announcement on Dan’s? All just a guess.

I’m thinking that Phil is pretty guaranteed to talk about it a bit at the end of his next main channel video or something so at least the information will be spread there as well. But I honestly don’t know what made them decide to do it that way. Sorry I don’t have a better idea! If anyone has their theories then feel free to message me<3


this video of harry is very cute ok it’s a girl who went to the same school as him and when she met him at the signing he said he recognized her & for her to wait for him after the signing

they talk about an art teacher and harry is like “didn’t she lock someone in a cupboard once?” lol. you can’t see his face ‘cause her phone was in her pocket or something but you can see his body and him holding his notebook and IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE and ppl should see it <333


Look, all I’m saying is I got some ideas and you’re not gonna be thinking those things about me when you see those pictures! 

Dane DeHaan as James Dean and Robert Pattinson as Dennis Stock in the first Life clip


GDYB in Paris feat GD’s serial killer stares (x)