Our visit went amazing. I’m so happy. My mom is so happy. Kalen definitely remembered his mommy. It was really wonderful. Mer and I were able to have a nice chat. I think we were both at ease. It was really nice.

I love my big boy so much. I can’t believe the changes he has made, I hate that I have missed so much..But I am so positive to see his future.

I feel like I owe all these online pregnancy communities at least a lil update bc I devoured the posts as a way to make it through the past 41 weeks. I birthed a lil babe at 40 weeks 6 days - named her Lois. Had the natural waterbirth I’d hoped for and feel so blessed for that. 

I am going to post a birth story for the pregblrs that follow me and anyone else who cares because reading others’ birth stories was incredibly helpful to me and pretty much the main way I prepared for birth and I want to give that back if I can! Maybe I’ll add a graphic non-identifying photo if I can find one, haha. 


Today has been a good day. Jessi followed through on all the things she said she would work on (I gave her a “list” of things that I need her to do that will help me feel more supported). She was “checked in” for the vast majority of the day, and that made it a great day. We got a lot done around the house, went for a walk, played at the park and Jessi read Grace her bed time story tonight. We had hoped to do a bubble bath with Grace, but the day got away from us and it was suddenly much later and Grace was much sleepier than we had anticipated. :) She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees today - crawling is SOOOO close!

This is my view right now. :) You can’t see Grace’s arm, but she and Jessi are sleeping the same way. I often find them sleeping in the same position, and it’s terribly cute! Gracie’s fourth tooth popped through today - finally! So I’m hoping that the majority of the pain and fussiness is over. I ordered her an amber necklace that is supposed to help with teething pain and a teething necklace for me to wear that she can chew on. I hate seeing my babe in pain. :( Yesterday we called the advice nurse because her Tylenol just wasn’t cutting it. We asked about topicals/numbing teething gel and they said they no longer recommend that people use those. So I just started using a straw and dripping cool water over her gums, which seemed to keep her entertained/comfortable until her next dose of Tylenol.

She bit me with all four of those teeth while nursing this morning - ouch! It will only get more painful as they come in more, so I’m not looking forward to that part. I still can’t believe that my baby has 4 teeth already at 6 months?!?!? She just looks so big. I keep thinking of that baby we brought home from the hospital and I can’t believe that she has turned into this incredible little girl. I wonder how she will change as she gets even bigger? I can’t wait to find out!

Cloth diaper mission!

I got our second cloth in the mail today, our third should be here Thursday or Friday! I need suggestions of brands, cheap or expensive it doesn’t matter! I just need input because we’re newbies :) also ideas on how to make my own would be great, my grams wants to make us a bunch!


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