2KL Spotlight Team Week 6: Atlanta Hawks

Week 6 Recap: A successful 3-0 week for the warriors. Intense would be the word to describe the game between the Utah Jazz and Washington Wizards as they went to triple overtime. The Atlanta Hawks earned their 3rd victory of the season as they bested the wizards to put themselves in a tie for 3rd place in the north pole division.

Highlights of Week 6 Games:

Hawks at Warriors: Joe Johnson went for 30+ points but it was not enough to to secure a victory as the warriors dominated majority of the game winning in a blowout. Monta Ellis continued his MVP like play as he scored 22 points and Stephen Curry put up a double double going for 13 points and 11 assists.

Thunder at Clippers: It could have been the upset of the season, but all things for the Thunder were too good to be true. The thunder were in control of the most of the game until 4th quarter where they seem to struggle the most in closing out games. They were up by 8 with under 2 minutes left in the game but the clippers rallied an 11-2 run and took a one point lead with an uncontested jump shot by Mo Williams with 20 something seconds left on the game clock. It was 52-51 and Russell Westbrook was isolated at the top of the key and found Kevin Durant in the corner for a mid range jump shot but it clanked off the rim and robbing the thunder of their first win of the season.

Jazz at Wizards: Possibly the game of the year this season in 2KL. Fast forward to the 4th quarter where the Wizards found themselves down by 3 after Raja Bell just hit a 3 pointer on the opposite end to what it look like the game winner for the jazz. However, that was not the case as John Wall isolated himself at the top of the key but found no room to break down Devin Harris so he passed it the surprise of the season in Mo Evans who stepped back behind the 3 point line and nailed it to send the game into it’s first over time. No scoring was being done in the first overtime as both teams could not generate any offense so it went to a second over time. In the 2nd OT, both teams were trading baskets but no one could pull away so went to a third overtime. In the 3rd OT, the Utah Jazz wanted it more as the amazing play behind Devin Harris and Raja bell who both put up 30 points were too much for the hopeful wizards. The jazz won the game by 4 as the wizards elected to not foul within the last seconds of the 3rd OT to extend the game, a questionable call.

Suns at Knicks: After an embarrassing showing by the knicks in their first match up of the season, they were looking for a win and to the tie the season series at 1 game a piece. But from the early get go, the knicks could not generate any offense in the first half as the suns were dominating the game. However, the knicks did not give up and found themselves within 3 points of the lead in the final seconds of the game after a Carmelo Anthony dunk. Ronny Turiaf tipped the ball on the inbound for the suns and the ball fell to Chauncey Billups who did not shoot the wide open 3 but instead passed it to Carmelo Anthony for a contested 3 pointer at the top the of the key that hit the back iron of the rim and resulted in a 3 point loss for knicks.

Clippers at Warriors: In their previous meeting the warriors lost by 2 at staples center to clippers so they were looking to even the series at 1 game a piece. One team would be the first team in league to hit double digit wins on the season. After 3 quarters, it was a close game with the warriors holding the lead majority of game. In the 4th quarter, the warriors offense behind Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry was unstoppable and the clippers offense was non existent. The warriors ran away with the game and holding the clippers to only 4 points in the 4th quarter. They tied the season series at 1 game a piece and was the first team to double digit wins on the season.

Warriors at Thunder: Kevin Durant got hurt in the 2nd quarter and doomed the thunder as the warriors would eventually blow them out by double digits. The thunder fall to 0-2 for the night and 0-12 on the season still looking for their first win of the season. The warriors closed the night at 3-0 and with 3 blow out victories.

Week 7 Preview:

Suns and Jazz: Both teams have 3 game weeks as it looks to be a long night for the 2KL League. The jazz host the wizards which could possibly be another thriller for the ages.

Thunder: They need a victory now but who will it be against? Face off against the Suns and Knicks.

Week 7 of 2KL: July 6th, 2011

Week 10 Spotlight Teams of the Week: North Pole Division Champions, the Golden State Warriors and South Side Division Champions, the Los Angeles Clippers

Week 10 Recap: A 6 game week due to the absence and forfeit of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s last 2 season games which resulted in an 0-19 finish, the worst record in 2KL history to date. Anyways, lets get to them highlights.

Highlights of week 10 games:

Warriors at Clippers: A back and forth game as it the came down to wire. The clippers found themselves up by 3 after knocking down to 2 free throws. The warriors called a quick timeout to advance the ball to half court. David Lee in bounded the ball to Stephen Curry who was fouled in a shooting motion at the top of 3 point line. Curry knocked down all 3 free throws to tie the game 51-51. The Clippers called a quick timeout to advance the ball in hopes of one last shot. The ball was in bounded to Mo Williams who was behind the 3 point line in the corner and knocked it down with Steph Curry in his face. The score was now 54-51 and the warriors had no timeouts so the game was pretty much over the clippers took the season series 2 games to 1.

Knicks at Wizards: The wizards opted for the 2k view, the view the knicks cleary abhor. However, the knicks were not affected by the view that much as bully ball seemed to be in play once again behind Carmelo Anthony. The wizards struggled early but were pretty much in the game until the 4th quarter where Carmelo Anthony took over. The knicks would end up winning the game taking the season rivalry 3 games to 0.

Jazz at Suns: The season series was tied 1 game a piece with both the suns and jazz looking for a nice victory. Camera view played an important role in this game as the seem to struggle a bit on the 2k view. That ultimately would play into the suns hands as the “old money” of Steve Nash and Vince Carter were too much to handle for K.B.K and Devin Harris. The suns ended up cruising to a double digit victory and taking the season series 2 games to 1.

Playoff Previews: Best of 5 Series each Round

Thunder: What else can go wrong for these guys? A sweep by the clippers looks to be the inevitable for the thunder unless they fucking play ball with KD, Westbrook and James Harden!

Suns/Knicks: The most exciting series of the first round as the knicks look to flaunt their stuff behind Carmleo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire against Steve Nash and Vince Carter aka old money. Fireworks are bound to happen.

Round 1 of Playoffs: Aug 2 - Aug 3, 2011

Thursday: Six Flags day ^_^/ Photoshoot

Went to my 2nd home aka mothafckin SIX FLAGS! No one except for the people I went with knows how happy I was to be there. This was my 3rd time there. I went with the 2KL + the ladies. It felt like the park was packed, but it wasn’t that bad. Didn’t matter to me though, once I saw the coasters in person once again my mind just went into happiness.

Went on Viper first with Tracy, which is always a great startoff. Waited an unusual 30 mins though. Love the first loop on top of the hill (I think it is). The 2 corkscrews at the end always get me. So intense. Next we went on Tatsu, which was about 1 hr 30 mins of a wait. It was pretty much worth it though. Rode with Dom, Cecille, Tracy. Looking down while it’s coming up is pretty scary. The part that really got me was the loop thing. Coming back up on your back puts so much pressure on your chest it’s ridiculous, but that’s part of the thrill =D. We got something to eat after since the majority of the group didn’t eat yet and found out that Deja Vu was closed =[[

After we ate, we decided to head to Green Lantern. This one was new, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Stood in line for about 45 mins. Rode with Jon and then Nicole and Darrell were on the backside of us. Going up was pretty scary since you’re just dangling in your seat. Once you’re about to go down the first “drop” you just want to grab on to anything and BAM you’re flippin super fast and shit. Then you go down another “drop” and BAM whiplash lol. Then they stop you for a bit then let you go and BAM another drop and the craziest part is at the end. You could end regular, upside down, looking down/up, and everything in between. It’s pretty damn crazy. 

After, we decided to go to Goliath, which was only about 30mins of waiting. Rode this with Chris which was hilarious. I recorded myself along with the friends around me. The first drop is huuuge, but it’s ridiculously smooth that I absolutely love it. Everything about that ride is great. After Goliath, we headed to Scream. I was about to record myself again but the worker said to put my itouch away =/ It’s ok though, I rode in the front with Nicole, Tracy, Jon which was INTENSE. Riding in the front makes a big difference. This ride is pretty much like Riddler’s Revenge, except you’re sitting down and the cart is floorless. It has everything a rollercoaster should have as well. After we went on Batman. It was about 30 mins or less for the wait. Makes sense since it’s like a 20 second dizzyfying ride. I don’t remember that ride being so wild lol. 

The group ended up splitting up for a bit since most of us wanted to go on Superman. We get there and we find out the wait is about an hour and a half because one of the carts broke down. I was incredibly sad bc I wanted to go on it all day. But little did I know what to expect on the next ride we were heading to,  X2

X2……gotdamn did I under-estimate this ride. So we’re all waiting in line for a good 1hr 30mins just chillin and conversing among ourselves. We finally get inside the station and I just get really nervous about the ride lol. It was just super different looking and I’ve never been on it before. The rest went on before Tracy, Chris and I since there were a few people ahead of us. Hillary ended up going on twice since we were still waiting, so she was Chris’ partner. Tracy and I decided to ride in the front. Nervous as fuck as we were all going up. I’m already yelling, hit the first dip, I’m yelling louder, then we go into the flip thing. Now we’re dropping how many stories high, face down and from there it’s just mayhem. I honestly don’t know what happened after that, all I remember is going up and going into a corkscrew which flipped you at the same time. IN-FCKIN-TENSE! AND THERE WAS FIRE. The picture of us was toooooo damn hilarious. My face »» .Never seen such a fierce exhilarated face from myself ever hahaha. I don’t know why I didn’t buy the picture, which makes me sad. Ahh memories. 

After we got some In-N-Out, but I didn’t get that much since I was extremely tired. Got word that D.Williams was at a friend’s house so I squeezed every last energy to head over. Stayed there for a bit, had a photoshoot with his car, pranked his car, then dipped. We dipped because about a minute later, he came out to his car so we thought he was gonna see what I drew on his rear mirror lol.

Quote(s) of the day/night

  • "I’m sooooo happppppyyyyy!" -Me
  • "I can do it, I am a beast" / "I did it, I am a beast" - Tracy
Oh man I was going to go to bed but the music is too amazing

God used me as a hammer, boys, to beat his weary drum TO - DAY.


Tomorrow, for actual reals, I am going to learn Hoist That Rag on the piano

Maybe guitar!  Maybe both!  the day holds many possibilities

The most likely one being that I will acheive very little

I’m going to play music first other stuff can wait!


     2KL is back in full effect for the 2012 summer season. A completely new logo was made this year and was designed by Kevin Agustin (up top). 2KL looks to make some more noise this summer with the best 2K League on the west coast. This year  has the biggest number of participants ever in 2KL history with the addition of two new members in Donovan Querubin and Tim Morabe. Both Donovan and Tim have been avid followers of 2KL so 2KL as a group decided it was time to expand and this was the perfect year to do it. Lets take a quick recap of what has happened in 2KL in the past three weeks. 

 Week 1 Recap:

    2KL was decided to move to a different day because of members who are taking summer school this year. But enough of that, lets get to the action for the biggest season of 2KL yet. 

     Kevin started off to a dominating start to the 2KL 2012 season with two wins over Jon (Pacers) and Darell (Bulls). Kevin decided to play with the Boston Celtics this season due to the warriors trading away Monta Ellis to the bucks during the NBA season. But it had no effect on his game and with a very talented Celtics team, it is easily the best squad he has had under his control. However, the surprise of the night and could possibly be the season was the 2-0 start of rookie Tim Morabe. He had two nice wins over Joolz (Grizzlies) and fellow rookie Donovan (Blazers). Tim is using the warriors, a team no one expected to be picked other than Kevin who picked the Celtics instead. 

   With the 3rd season on it’s way, the biggest question was will Krismo Rosales get his very first win in 30 plus games all resulting in losses. The Thunder and Heat were banned from 2KL this season so Krismo decided to play with the Dallas Mavericks. However, with the adjustments Kris had to make with his new team, he did not get his first win in week 1 against Joolz or Chris (Knicks). But it is a long season and anything can happen in 2KL. 

Week 2 Recap will be up June 10th, 2012. 

- Kevin Agustin (Official 2KL Beat Writer) 

yiffkin asked:

Caspervend is free with option to pay for a premium (the 2kl bundle with lucky chairs is best) and its easy to set up, I can help if you want

Ah yes, that’s the one I knew of, I just didn’t know whether it was free or not. How does it work?


Zwiebel -Relish

1kg Rote Zwiebeln
600ml Apfelsaft
200ml Weissweinessig
2Kl Senfsamen
4cm Ingwer, fein raffeln
150g brauner Zucker
Salz und Pfeffer

Die Zwiebel in dünne Scheiben schneiden. Saft, Essig, Senfsamen, Zucker und Ingwer in einer Pfanne erhitzen. Dann Zwiebel beifügen und bei mittlerer Hitze 1h köcheln lassen, bis die Flüssigkeit fast eingekocht ist .
Mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken .

Mango - Chutney

1 Mango
1 Zwiebel
1 Knoblauchzeh
2 cm Ingwer
1 Chillischote
3 Anis
50g Rohrzucker
1.5 dl Weissweinessig

Mango würfeln, Zwiebel, Knoblauch, Ingwer, Chilli in Würfel schneiden. Alle Zutaten in einer Pfanne ca 1h einkochen
lassen. Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken .

2KL Spotlight Team Week 3: New York Knicks

Week 3 Recap: With an extra game for the night, the 2KL league had a full slate of games with plenty of highlights to account for. The thunder and jazz were still looking for their first victory of the season.

Highlights of Week 3 Games:

Wizards at Suns: Total domination from the suns as the wizards were blown out by 30. Balanced scoring led the way for the suns as the game was already over within the first quarter.

Warriors at Knicks: A game of scoring as both Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony put up 26 points. However, the supporting cast of the warriors came through in clutch moments in the game and gave them an 8 point win at Madison Square Garden. Amare Stoudemire put up 16 points in a losing effort.

Hawks at Jazz: After suffering a loss earlier in the night to the knicks, the jazz were looking to rebound at home against the visiting hawks. Devin Harris and Al Jefferson were showing up to the party, but Joe Johnson was not. He was being deemed Joke Johnson by the 2KL crew and he lived up to that name against the jazz as they cruise to a double digit victory and capturing their first win of the season.

Suns at Clippers: With each team suffering only 1 lost in the season so far, this game was of great importance to see who will take control of the south side division. It was a back and forth game as Steve Nash was leading the charge for the suns and the balanced attack of Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon were fueling the clippers offense. In the 4th quarter, missed shots down the stretch sealed the fate for the clippers as they had no answer for Steve Nash. The suns ended up winning by 10 points and in their 4th straight game won by double digits. Suns closed the night at 5-1 and the clippers at 3-2, still had 1 more game for the night against the thunder.

Jazz at Warriors: Stephen Curry was leading the way for the warriors as he was lighting it up from beyond the arc and scoring 18 first half points. Although Curry was unguardable in the first half, he was receiving no support from the rest of the team as stupid turnovers and missed layups were costing them points and they had no defensive answer for Al Jefferson. The warriors were in complete control for the most game until the 4th quarter arrived. The warriors were missing shots and the jazz were able to capitalize off that going up by 5 late in the 4th quarter. The warriors called timeout to regroup and after the timeout Curry was fouled and knocked down two free throws to pull within 3. 2 Turnovers in the next sequence of events led to a 3 pointer by Dorrell Wright tying the game at 46-46. The jazz called timeout and came out isolating with Devin Harris who drove the ball in and had a monster dunk over David Lee and Stephen Curry giving them a 48-46 lead with 6 seconds left on the clock. The warriors called timeout to advance the ball to half court. David Lee in bounded to Curry who was wide open for some reason for the 3 ball at the top of the key and *swish* knocked it down giving the warriors a 48-49 lead with 3 seconds left. The jazz called timeout but turned the ball over in bounding and securing a 1 point victory for the warriors. The warriors finish the night 2-0 and still undefeated for the season at 5-0 and the jazz fall to 1-2 for the night and 1-4 for the season. (Game of the year nomination)

Thunder at Wizards: The thunder could not adjust to the broadcast camera as the wizards cruise to a double digit victory and rebounding from an embarrassing loss earlier in the night to the suns. The wizards go 1-1 for the night and 3-3 for the season so far. The thunder fall 0-2 and 0-6 for the season still looking for that first victory.

Week 4 Preview:

Thunder: Still looking for their first victory as they host the hawks at home and travel to Utah to face the jazz. Will they capture their first victory or continue their streak of losing?

Wizards at Knicks: Shit talk even before the season started pits these two in a week 4 showdown as the wizards travel to Madison Square Garden in New York City to face the knicks.

Jazz at Suns: The jazz look for redemption as they suffered a heartbreaking loss by1 point to the suns by a buzzer beating and game winning 3 pointer by Steve Nash in week 1.

Week 4 of 2KL: June 15th, 2011

2KL Spotlight Team Week 2: The Phoenix Suns

Week 2 Recap: Only 6 games for the night but plenty of highlights. The warriors and the knicks only had one game for the night due to the absence of patrick sanchez and the utah jazz.

Highlights of Week 2 Games:

Suns at Hawks: It was a back and forth game with the hawks securing the lead entering halftime. However, the Phoenix Suns came out of halftime looking to shut down the hawks offense. The played great man to man defense and were unstoppable on offense in the 2nd half resulting in an easy double digit victory.

Clippers at Wizards: Animosity, shit talk, and cross town rivals = wizards vs. the clippers. The wizards were in control for the most of game until the 4th quarter arrived. It was basket for basket in the 4th quarter, but the wizards managed to secure a 6 point lead late in the 4th. A quick timeout was called by the clippers to regroup. After the timeout clippers went on a 6-0 run to tie the game. Missed shots doomed the wizards at the end of the game and clippers were able to take advantage of that making baskets within the last minute of the 4th quarter and narrowly escaping with a victory.

Warriors at Thunder: The thunder were looking for their first season victory over the defending 2KL champions, but they were not going to succeed. Despite the tremendous effort by Kevin Durant and his 35 pts, the duo of monta and ellis and stephen curry in the 4th quarter were too much to handle for the thunder. It was a close game through the first 3 quarters and gave the warriors an early scare, but the thunder were too rattled in the 4th and resulted in a double digit lost.

Hawks at Clippers: The hawks were looking to rebound against the clippers after suffering an embarrassing loss earlier in the night to the suns. The clippers were not going to allow the hawks to gain a win versus them. It was a close game, but the emergence of eric gordon late in the 4th qt was too much for the hawks defense as the clippers were able to secure a victory.The clippers go to 3-1 for the season and the hawks fall to 1-3 and 3rd place in the north pole division.

Wizards at Thunder: The thunder were looking to get rid of that goose egg against the wizards. Redemption was the fuel for the thunder as they lost a close game last year to Joolz’s nuggets and a JR. Smith 3 pointer. Defense was not key in this game as Kevin Durant was a scoring machine and the combination of mo evans and nick young were spearheading the wizards offense. Late in the 4th quarter, john wall was fouled and looking to take the lead with 2 free throws. He missed both free throws leaving the door open for the thunder with the last possession. Kevin Durant got the ball but was double teamed right away and could not get a shot off resulting in OT. In OT, the thunder had no offensive production and the wizards were able to capitalize off that narrowly escaping with a win. Wizards get back to .500 at 2-2 and 2nd place behind division leader and the thunder still searching for a victory fall to 0-4.

Knicks at Suns: The Knicks held the lead at halftime and the suns finding themselves down again, but they came out in the 2nd half playing a great defense shutting down amare and melo and with a offense propelled by steve nash and vince carter. The suns cruised to a double digit victory going 3-1 for the season and having a 3 way tie for first place atop the south side division between the clippers at knicks also at 3-1 for the season.

Week 3 Preview:

Thunder at Wizards: Rematch game for the Krismo and his thunder looking for that first win of the season. The thunder need offensive production from the rest of the team to secure victory over the wizards.

Jazz: With a possible 4 game night for patrick and his utah jazz, will he be able to secure his first win of the season as well.

Suns at Clippers: Entering week 3, the top 2 teams in the south side division meet in a showdown at Staples Center. Whoever wins looks to the gain sole possession of first place in the south side division. The suns play the wizards and the clippers play the thunder in their respective games for the night.

Week 3 of 2KL: June 8th, 2011

2KL Spotlight Team of the Week: A recognition of the team who had the best performance of that week for #2KL.

2KL Spotlight Team, Week 1: The defending 2KL Champions, the Golden State Warriors.

Week 1 Recap: Plenty of opening season highlights with a showdown to close to night with last year’s 2KL Finals pairing, Suns (Jon) vs. Warriors (Kevin).

Highlights of week 1’s games:

Suns at Jazz: Steve Nash with a game winning and buzzer beating 3 pointer to give the suns a 1 point victory and sent patrick and his utah jazz into a 5 minute confessional haha.

Clippers at Knicks: Ronny Turiaf with the game saving block to give the knicks a 2 point victory over the visiting clippers. However in preseason, the clippers were victorious over the knicks twice.

Wizards at Warriors: Complete the domination by Kevin and the defending 2KL champions as the warriors cruised to a double digit victory. They forced John Wall into 8 turnovers and held him to 2 points.

Knicks at Thunder: The most intense game of the night and definitely a nomination for game of the season. Kevin Durant and the thunder had a chance to steal a victory at the end of regulation with a 3 pointer but it clanked off the rim. In overtime, the thunder could not get any offense going and the knicks were too strong offensively behind Carmelo Anthony. The thunder could not recover and the knicks were able to hold onto the lead which resulted in a victory. The knicks are 2-0 entering week 2 and the thunder are 0-2 after a loss earlier in the night to Darell and the Atlanta Hawks.

Warriors at Suns: A rematch of last season’s 2KL Finals only the warriors were facing the grizzlies in last year’s final. It was a back forth affair with monta ellis and steve nash. The warriors were playing horrendous 1 on 1 defense on steve nash but the suns had no ability to contain monta ellis. The match up came down to wire as the warriors were up by 8 at one point within the final minute of the 4th quarter but a quick 2 and a fadeway 3 by Jared Dudley pulled the suns within 3. They quickly fouled last season’s MVP, Stephen Curry and put him at the line. He knocked down 2 clutch free throws icing the game and securing a 5 point victory over the suns.

Week 2 Preview:

Clippers at Wizards: A lot of shit talk and animosity has been boiling up to wednesday nights match up. The question is, who will have the last word.

Jazz and Thunder: Will both teams be able to recover from an opening of going down 0-2 in the season. Jazz face the warriors and knicks (both 2-0) and the Thunder face the Warriors and Wizards.

Week 2 of 2KL: June 1st, 2011

2KL All Star Week Spotlight Player/Team of the Week: Kevin Durant and the South Side All Stars

All Star Weekend Recap: It was a nice break from the regular season as both the South Side and North Pole all stars were looking to win the all star game for bragging rights and to see who was the more dominant conference. Unfortunately, the North Pole all stars fell short in both 2 on 2 games as the South Side All Stars showed their star power behind Kevin Durant, the 1st annual 2KL all star game MVP. He proved it in both games full of all star talent that he is the leading scorer in the league and will be a force to be reckoned with as the season comes closer to an end.

All Star Weekend Highlights:

Wizards at Hawks: The hawks seemed to have taken their report card evaluation to heart as Al Horford decided to join Joe Johnson at the party. Horford had one of his nicer games on the season as the hawks defeated the wizards to take the season series 2 games to 1. The wizards were unable to hold onto that confidence from previous week after beating the warriors. John Wall had another nice assist day but the rest of the team did not show up against the hawks.

Knicks at Suns: The knicks were hoping to steal a game against the suns and be tied for 2nd in the South Side division but the suns were not going to make it easy for them. The back court of Steve Nash and Vince Carter were too much handled throughout the whole game as the knicks had trouble in the 2nd half generating any offense. The suns would end up cruising to a win and taking the season series against the knicks 3 games to 0.

Jazz at Warriors: It was close a game all 4 quarters as the the jazz and warriors kept trading baskets. Raja Bell was being his usual self knocking down contested 3 pointers but the player of the game has to to go Stephen Curry who had a monster game scoring 15 points and throwing out 13 assists. It was Curry’s unselfishness late in the game that allowed for the warriors to pull away with a victory defeating the jazz by 5 points. Monta Ellis was relatively quiet in the game only scoring 8 points as the warriors took the season series from the jazz 3 games to 0. 

Thunder at Clippers: Before the game even started, there had be a determination of who had home court advantage. The thunder elected to have a rap battle and the 2 bars they spit were terrible and the clippers responded A Capella and rhymed “xbox with cocks.” The crowd determined the clippers would have home court. Not much a game however, as the clippers had the thunder’s number the entire game. Kevin Durant was scoring but no else had the desire to win. The clippers defeated the thunder and took the season series 3 games to 0.

All Star Games 2 on 2 (Best out of 3)

1st Game: South Side Home Court Advantage:

A close first half as North Pole had the lead against the South Side all stars. The most unusual players started for the North Pole as Devin Harris, Raja Bell, Joe Johnson, Al Horford and Al Jefferson rounded out the lineup against the superstar team of Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Amare Stoudemire for the South Side all stars. As the controllers switch hands between both conferences, so did the lead as Kevin Durant was was on fire from behind the arc. He was making every basket and proving why he is the most dominant scorer in 2KL. The South Side all stars eventually would win by double digits against the North Pole all stars and take game 1 of a best out of 3 series.

2nd Game: North Pole Home Court Advantage:

The North Pole all stars were looking to rebound after suffering an embarrassing loss and it looked like they had the upper hand for the first half. The combination of Rashard Lewis and Monta Ellis were propelling the North Pole all stars in the first half. But as the controllers switched hands at half time once again, the amazing play of Kevin Durant came alive. However, the North Pole and South Side were trading baskets which was intensifying the game even more as no team could pull away. The North Pole all stars found themselves down by 1 with less than 20 seconds on the clock and the South Side all stars had the ball. The defense of Josh Smith against Durant was great as he could not find himself open but with 4 seconds  left on the shot clock, Nash passed it to Durant for a 3 and he knocked it down which would eventually be the dagger for the South Side all stars and crushing the hearts of the North Pole. Smith couldn’t have played better defense but Kevin Durant was on a roll and was not going to let his team down. The South Side all stars defeated the North Pole all stars by 4 points in game 2 and taking the series 2 games to 0. Kevin Durant took home the 2KL All Star Game MVP for 2011 season.

Week 9 Preview:

Thunder: Will they finally get a win against either the suns or knicks? Kevin Durant looks to keep the ball rolling after last week’s spectacular all star game performance but will this rest of his team decide to finally show up?

Warriors/Wizards: Another thriller or blowout? Whichever it may be, the game will be full of highlights.

Clippers/Suns: South Side division title is on the line as the clippers look to cement their place atop the division but they will have to do it against one hell of a back court in Steve Nash and Vince Carter.

Week 9 of 2KL: July 20th, 2011

Watch on kaug19.tumblr.com

2KL Spotlight Team Week 5 (No Show Edition): Washington Wizards

Week 5 Recap: With the absence of the wizards for the week, there were only 6 games for the night. The wizards forfeited two games to the clippers and knicks respectively going 3-7 on the season and holding a 4 game losing streak.

Highlights of Week 5 Games:

Suns at Warriors: Close game for the first 3 quarters but in the 4th quarter, Monta Ellis was on fire and Steve Nash was broke. Monta finished the game with 26 points as the warriors cruised to a double digit victory holding the suns to 37 points for the game.

Jazz at Clippers: It was a back and forth game with Blake Griffin and Al Jefferson trading baskets with dunks and post game moves. However in the 4th quarter, the inside force of Blake Griffin was too much for the Jazz as they could not recover and eventually losing the game to the clippers.

Warriors at Hawks: The hawks decided to play on the PS3 for strategy to hopefully slow down the warriors offense and get a win but it did not work. Joe Johnson put up a valiant effort going for 30+ points but no matter the console, the warriors were still too much handle resulting in a double digit victory. The warriors go 2-0 for the night and 8-1 on the season and the hawks go to 0-2 for the night and 2-8 on the season with a loss earlier in the night to the knicks.

Jazz at Thunder: The thunder were in complete control of the game as the mentors, Dominic and Kevin revamped the thunder’s entire offensive and defensive schemes. The thunder were looking completely different from a week ago, but all differences aside, they still were not ready to win. 4th quarter was disastrous as they could not generate any offense going and the jazz took advantage of that. Eventually the jazz would come back and take the lead. 2 critical possessions within the last minute of the game for the thunder were horrible as they lead to a turnover and a missed jump shot by the Russell Westbrook. This ultimately sealed their fate and robbed them of their first win of the season.

Thunder at Suns: The suns proclaimed they would drop 80 points on the thunder and they delivered. This game was over even before halftime and the suns set many records for the night finishing the game with 80 points and missing only 5 shots. Complete and utter domination by the suns as they go 1-1 for the night and 7-3 for the season and the thunder go 0-2 for the night and an embarrassing 0-10 for the season.

Week 6 Preview:

Wizards: With a no show the week before, will the wizards come back to stop their 4 game losing streak? Many are in doubt about that.

Warriors: 3 game week for the defending 2KL Champions as it will be a long and hard fought night to go 3-0.

Thunder: With 0 wins still on the season, the thunder face their hardest week as they play their mentors who are 1st and 2nd place in league. It is looking like a horrible week to be the thunder right now.

Week 6 of 2KL: June 29th, 2011