Hi-Five: Melbourne's Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track - Part 4

Selector #16 - 2fuddha

That man in the bushes - 2fuddha - is a secret ninja and a real sneak with music, he plays a range of classic UK and US house and techno, garage, dubstep, trap and footwork. You can catch him playing regularly around joints like efiftyfive, The Lounge and Black Cat, and he’s involved in production with the likes of Able8 and friendships.

He’s watching you right now as you read this.

Track Selection: Dj Phil (feat. Sat P.M.) - Access (Booty Call Records)

"It is effective in its simplicity, but has a unique take on the footwork and Chicago house sound. I also respect the way Phil creates a lush, soulful sound in his tracks using very few instruments and no vox."

Selector #17 - Bevin Campbell

Bevin Campbell is special force co-ops DJ captain for PBS’s The Blend, member of Uncomfortable Beats, as well as audio/visual crew Movement, who host a special every year at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Finally, he also is part of the Haarp Media core techno/electro unit Trans Melbourne Xprss, along with fellow soldiers Baby-T, Kayhat, VJ Slippery Jim and Sarah Quill.

Track Selection: Special Request - Deranged (Houndstooth)

"While it’s been around for a few months now this album is still on repeat. Old school jungle revivalist sound at its best, big warehouse rave techno and the warmth of analogue production. Paul Woolford showing his long honed talents.

It’s to hard to pick a track but either Deranged or Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP) are amongst the best. Keep one eye firmly on Houndstooth, one to watch in 2014. With Rob Booth at the helm of A&R for the label you know its good. xx”

Selector #18 - Mike Gurrieri

Known as one of Melbourne’s more eclectic selectors, Mike Gurrieri’s sets take in elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, electronica & worldly fusions. A regular on Melbourne’s club & bar circuit, he can also be heard on his weekly radio show Sunny Side Up on Kiss FM (Thursday mornings at 9am), and his label Equinox Recordings has released local music from the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, Kirkis, Demian, and The Raah Project.

Track Selection: Amp Fiddler - Take It (self-released)

"Amp Fiddler returns from a six-year hiatus after dealing with some personal tragedies, and proves why he is still the real deal. Teaming up on this track with the always-sublime Raphael Saadiq, Amp lays down some serious Motor City Soul. It feels good to have him back releasing music."

Selector #19 - DJ Mzrizk

DJ Mzrizk is one of Melbourne hip-hop’s brightest DJs, and her love for the hip-hop elements has seen her playing her cuts at local and international festivals like Glastonbury, supporting acclaimed rap stars like Mos Def, and working youth work shops for places like Vibe Australia and Darebin City Council.

You can hear her play at her weekly radio showat KISSFM - Urban Fervour (Wednesday 9-10:30am) and hosting regular shows at venues like The Lounge and Section 8.

Track Selection: Remi - Saggin (House of Beige)

"…currently my favorite MC from Australia, great flow and lyrical content."

Selector #20 - ShutterSound

ShutterSound aka Sarah Buckley-Jones is an up-and-coming DJ who varies between 4-4 garage and house sounds, grounded in dubby sensibilities. She currently hosts a monthly show every second Tuesday (from 8-9pm) at trnsmt.tv called Bass Regime, and also hosts a sound session on Thursday evening at the Thornbury Local on a regular basis.

Track Selection: Paleman - The Day (Swamp 81)

"(This is) my newest record, caught between garage and house with a dark twist. Loefah has been hitting with the Swamp 81 releases and this one is from Paleman is the right amount of off-kilter yet spot-on."

Compiled by Kristian Hatton.


Performed at The Front (28/01/12), supporting the mighty Debian Blak (UK). 2fuddha presents a mix of ambient 2step and atmospherical tunes bound to take you on a mystical journey. Travelling through Burial and Ghostek to Shlohmo and some unreleased gems by Headshotboyz, this is something a little different ..

Side Note: Mystical Journey? I’m going to have to agree on that one. This mix is pretty on point and DEF WORTH A LISTEN. Keep ‘em coming 2FUDDHA.

2fuddha - Live mix for Woroni Radio ANU O week
  • 2fuddha - Live mix for Woroni Radio ANU O week

New 2fuddha mixtape for everyone :)

Features unreleased, originals and classic tunes, moving through a variety of genres. From heavy bass to hiphop, rap to chillwave, trap to grime, and most things in between. 

Free download!


Sinjin Hawke – Crystal Dust
Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne – Look at me now (RL Grime remix)
TNGHT – top floor
Waka Flocka – Drinking & Smoking (Grandtheft  & Sj Hawke bootleg)
Moonbase Commander – (unreleased track)
Doshy – Hornets (Monkey remix)
Krampfhaft – Cork
Sinjin Hawke – Like That
Lunice – I see u (Girl Unit remix)
Stik figa – self esteem
Waldo – Stranger     
Branko – Going in hard (French fries edit)
Nas – you owe me (sango edit)
ryan Hemsworth – Overthinking
Morri$ ft. Sinjin hawke – one kiss

Flosstradamas – lana’s theme
Able8 & 2Fuddha – stormwater
Om unit – Preshah
Staba – Torsion Force
D double – Street fighta riddim

Words with 2FUDDHA

I was privileged to have words with a talented DJ/ producer known as 2FUDDHA out of Canberra, Australia. I will stretch my love for this guys DJ sets and mixes and the variety in track list and vibes present in which 2FUDDHA creates. I hope to catch this guy live one day and feel those vibes one step further.

Enjoy and much love 

Name:  Bernie Markham

Location: Canberra, Australia 

Favourite food/s: Anything with sweet chilli sauce. :P

Favourite Beverage: Cold beer, or CC and dry.

Last Track you listened to: Strangeloop - Duasi

Share a childhood memory in regards to music: Listening to my Dad play piano.

Musical inspirations: Eprom, DJ Shadow, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, James Pants, Om unit, Junkwaffel, Hudson Mohawke, Machinedrum,

Thanks for that, So I’ve always wondered what 2FUDDHA represents? (I’ll try explain how I say it through text “tuuuufaaaddaaah” I’m probably of a bit, but yeah I love the name)

Haha yeah it’s kinda of said like Buddha, but with an ‘f’ .. so like, fooodddahh .. I guess :P and a few things .. Mainly because when I started going to electronic gigs or clubs and noticing the dj, the majority of the time he always looked kinda either uninterested or just (in my opinion) not connected/ engaged with the crowd. So when I started I wanted to always be engaged with the crowd and have just as much fun as they are. So I wanted the only difference between me and the crowd to be a matter of two feet .. and yeah my name kind of reflects that.

How long have you been playing with music for? and what was it like when you started doing live sets?

Most of my life I’ve been playing music of some sort, whether in orchestras, jazz bands or whatever. But I only started doing live electronic sets a bit over a year ago, and yeah, was definitely a completely different experience.

What was your first live set like?

Really nerve racking, lots of fun but J

 I also love your variety when it comes to mixes. I remember one of the first things I posted here was your “dreamfuddah” mix. Still found myself in a glorious daze every time I play it. What was it like putting that mix together?

Cheers, yeah was a lot of fun, I had been digging a lot of slow beats and ‘chillwave’ if you call it that. I remember always wanting to have a song that I produced as the intro, so I did an edit of an Oliver Tank tune.

 Loved the track list for this mix as well, I think it’s around the 6 minute mark where it chills out and I think its a remix or play on a brandy song with the lyrics “It almost doesn’t count” It’s truly beautiful I was wondering who remixed that?

Uh not sure, I think it’s a Synkro tune called ‘Everybody Knows’. But I’ve been meaning to put up a tracklist for ages. Will do that asap, apologies.

I love how at one end you make the most blissful chilled mixes that let one feel relaxed and at harmony, yet still produce mixes that make ya want to bootay shake and bounce. Does the mood you’re in sometime set the feel in your mixes?

Yeah for sure, some of them are really on the fly, but I try to keep some sort of balance in my track selection I guess. I think I also get kinda bored performing a full hour of just chill stuff/ or any one genre for that matter, also I get really excited and need to use that energy somehow aha

 Up and coming events?

Got a few things coming up, supporting a few big names, not sure how much has been officially announced yet. But good stuff is coming don’t you worry J

Do you like corn on the cob with butter:

With heaps of salt, love it J

Favourite track at the moment:

Ahh so hard to pick, would have to say marley carroll – woodwork,  such a tune. As well as the new kode 9 stuff coming soon, that shit’s mental.

 What do you use to play with music?

two cdjs/ vinyls, a mixer and usually serato.

 Favourite place to be:

Anywhere with friends and good music

 How did you get into this blending/producing/mixing game?

Guess one day I was listening to a bunch of electronic music, and thought of heaps of ways I could blend different songs together. After that I start fiddling around on youtube for ages, trying to mix between two different youtube videos with the volume knob and play/pause button. Eventually I got two cd players basically with a cross fader, and the rest kinda went on from there..

What did you have for dinner last night? I had subway:

Nice, I had curry, it was sweet.


So much good home-grown stuff. Uh Able8, Ghostsoul, Friendships, Dysphemic and Miss Eliza, Ribongia, Mike Berkley, Phat Meegz .. probs forgotten a whole bunch of people, but that’s a start J

Any last words:

Hope you enjoy the tunes and mixtapes. Thanks for having me on :P

Support and enjoy 2FUDDAH’S music here:




Friday 15 March - Triple Threat: Haarp Media's Third Birthday!

I never really saw this thing going for this long. I don’t think it’s really gone that far, but I guess it’s gotten a bit of a rep around Melbourne. It’d be nice to think we have gotten a bit of a rep as a media outlet that does things with integrity, honesty and from a place of community and grass roots.

It’s our third birthday now, so we’re chucking a party. 2fuddha, Lady Banton and I (Kayhat) will be playing some beats at Horse Bazaar.

We’ve got a lot more to come in the next year, and things should see us finally getting this blog into a proper online magazine format (as I’ve been procrastinating about for more than a year), maybe some print, maybe some new writers we can rely on, maybe some great new parties with bigger names.

In another three years, we’ll still be doing exactly what we’ve always attempted to do, support local arts and culture, present an eclectic range of electronic and hip-hop music, put on some great small parties, and provide a good grade of music journalism without being lazy or resorting to cheap tactics to get your attention.

Thank you to all our readers and supporters, I love you all and it’s an honour to be a part of it all. Come celebrate with us this Saturday and let the good times roll.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Entry by Donation (suggested $5).

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/282520565236528/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Note: please support us by donating at this event, any extra money we get will go towards paying our website guy to get things up and running in an awesome new format to support the beats community with.

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

The Operatives present Espionage. Featuring Hudson Mohawke, The Gaslamp Killer, Om Unit, Harmonic 313, Strangeloop, Rustie, Roska, Doc Daneeka, XXXY, Ghost Mutt, Fugitive, Lady Banton, JPS, Nam, Able8, Edd Fisher, Silent Jay, Amin Payne 2fuddha and Edd Fisher.

Visuals by Chronic Sans, Timeboy and Form

@ Brown Ally

4th January 2013 


Some old 2fuddha footage, going hard @ The Clubhouse (Canberra).

Feels like it was just yesterday.