you know what i love to think about gorillaz is that like behind all the crazy ass shit we see they act just like a normal ass family like

murdoc’s always the last one up so no one really bothers to check if hes awake because they know hes asleep anyways

2D’s is the longest one in the shower and everyone can hear him doing like the stupid warm up singing things like singing the solfege scale and singing those stupid warm up tongue twister songs in the shower

noodle is the first up always and she makes sure that she wakes up russel like the second shes up shes in russels room yelling at him to get his lazy ass out of bed. and she always eats most of the breakfast that russel most likely makes everyday so when muds and 2d come in theyre all pissed and she just gives them the cockiest look on the whole planet

and russel just like makes breakfast and goes to see if theres tons of mail and just does the morning work while the other three are bitching around in kong studios

just imagine theyre normal family morning routine 

2-D cursors.

I made some 2-D cursors with the amazing pixels junkoandthediamonds made, thank you so much for letting me use them! Please like or reblog if you’re using and please contact me if the cursor does not work or you need help installing them.

body, a, a:hover{ cursor:url(http://goo.gl/1gwTRG), auto }

body, a, a:hover{ cursor:url(http://goo.gl/rLTqgZ), auto }

body, a, a:hover{ cursor:url(http://goo.gl/MuV4KT), auto }

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Well they are kinda somehwhat already monster like , I mean russel could be a zombie and he was also a giant, Murdoc seems to be pickling and 2D is also zombish butI got carried away…..I tried to draw them in a monster high style kinda.

Del is obv a ghostie, Murdoc is a vampire pickle trash creature, 2D is a scary Gargoyle, Noddle is a werecat and Russel is a slime monster. also everyone here is too old to be in high school.

twodentfucker69 SURPRISE YOU LOVELY PERSON! I made you sumfink cause I thought you deserved it! I was in a pretty shitty mood earlier but noodlefucker69 talked to me about it and I nearly didn’t want to finish this but I’m glad I did so yeah. I’m actually sweating rn cause I was focusing so hard on finishing this and that focus helped me get rid of that really crappy feeling so yay! Anyways since I can’t do backgrounds for shit I just decided to plaster mister Adorable’s name as the background :P
Hope you like it :)

lmao can u see russel and murdoc being out for the day and noodle and 2D are like outside playing in the rain and mud and then 2D tries to get her to take a shower and she’s like “NO” and he chases her around kong for like an hour and he has to use different strategies to capture her and then he FINALLY gets her and has had the shower running for an hour so he picks her up, runs and drops her in there and holds the door closed from the outside and hes like “youre not coming out until you’ve bathed newdl!!!” and she just kicks down the door like “fuck u d” and she runs away