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Sad headcanon: When 2D wrote The Fall, he was super depressed. Not from the whale or Murdoc, (although they didn't help. But from his liberty and his freedom being yanked away. His hatred towards Murdoc must be through the roof. Quite literally. Can you imagine, you just sitting there, looking out your window, and then you just pass out, and then wake up on some strange island? It's really crazy. I feel really bad for Stu. Poor soul.

god i hate thinking about him on plastic beach. it was terrible and he deserved none of it. he rly seemed to be trying to get his life on track and murdoc kinda fricked it up

Date a boy who’s tall and thin as a rail. Date a boy with the posture of a zombie. Date a boy with a high pitched cockney accent. Date a boy with weird body-to-limb proportions.Date a boy that loves melodicas. Date a boy that can sing. Date a boy who’s missing his front two teeth. Date a boy with blue hair and black holes for eyes. Date Stuart “2D” Pot.

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Imagine 2D about to get laid but he can't get his shoes off because he can't remember how to unite laces and bending down so far for a long time makes him dizzy so he ends up doing it with his shoes on

“sorry luv! i prefer doin’ it wiff me shoes on anyway.” *wink*