Ironman Super Saucy - by Rob Duenas

“Spent my night working on new lighting techniques for the Saucy art, here’s a test using my old Ironman Saucy.
Watercolor, ink, and Photoshop for lighting.

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Gorillaz/Pokémon mashup!
We got 2D with his Mudkip team along with shadzshit down at the bottom on her Swampert. And also pink-stinkfish with a Misdreavus at the top (I would have given you Phantump but I started this before I knew what your favorite Pokémon was) and me with a Sylveon (that can be Elizabeth’s since she likes Sylveon too) laughing at Murdoc getting hugged by my Goodra.
This is a really long description. Sorry.

anonymous asked:

Imagine you live with 2D (so also with the rest of the band by default). It's the middle of the night. Everyone's asleep. You go down to the kitchen for a snack because you're hungry. And then you hear it. "Oh I love a tasty meat snack"

i literally want this dead.