earth-year asked:

I'm sorry I have so many questions. This one may be a touchy subject but I genuinely would like to know anyone's opinion. Though plurality is technically classified as a "disorder" it is clearly something embraced by many. Is it considered by those who exist in this way a product of the mind or is there a link to multiple universe theory? I guess I mean for those who are systems what answers the question of "why are we like this?" I hope that is not too forward. I wonder if others think as I do.

For us it’s a mixture. We firmly believe in the multiverse and it’s incorperated in our system. There are some aspects of ourselves we consider to be “disordered” as we’re both a natural and trauma-based system.

We don’t, however, feel anything about us is the product of our mind. Our system in particular is very spiritual and we describe our system as consisting of many souls within one body.

—Darrus (House of Asgaard)

earth-year asked:

Wow thank you. I feel like this may be something I've been aware of since I was about 12 but I just never knew it was a thing. I didn't know there was a word or description or anything. I have a lot of thinking to do, a lot of figuring out. Would anyone be comfortable sharing how they "discovered" how this was what their state of being was? This is all mind-blowingly new and I feel like I want to just talk to someone about it all.

Sure! For me it was all about gut feeling to begin with. I was living alone at the time but I had never felt alone within myself if that makes sense. I kinda just went from there and explained it to my partner who was able to help me discover myself through meditation.

For me, personally, it was a very spiritual journey.

—Lucas (House of Asgaard)