Jo Kwon and Ga In Reunite on Broadcast and Auction Off Their Couple Rings

Jo Kwon and Ga In Reunite on Broadcast and Auction Off Their Couple Rings

Singers Ga In and Jo Kwon reunited with each other for the first time in broadcast in four years.

Ga In and Jo Kwon, who received a lot of love as a couple on MBC‘s “We Got Married,” were reunited on KBS 2TV‘s variety show “Happy Together.”

On the show, the two of them, who meet for the first time in a long time, auction off their couple rings that they used to wear and publicly declare their…

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Korean Production of Musical Chess (2015)

CAST Introduction Video

Freddie: Shin Sung-woo, Lee Gun-myung

Anatoly: KEY(SHINee), Jo Kwon(2AM), CNU(B1A4), Ken(VIXX)

Florence: Ahn Siha, Lee Jung-hwa

Molokov: Kim Jang-sub, Kim Pub-lae

Svetlana: Kim Geum-na

Walter: Park Sun-woo, Park Sun-hyo

The Arbiter: Hong Kyung-soo

[NEWS] 2AM's Jo Kwon, SHINee's Key, B1A4's CNU, and VIXX's Ken cast as lead in upcoming musical 'Chess'

Upcoming musical ’Chess’ looks like it has an amazing starring cast in its hands! 2AM’sJo Kwon, B1A4’s CNU, SHINee’s Key, and VIXX’s Ken have been cast to play the main male character ’Anatoly’!

The setting takes place during the chess championships between American Freddie Trumper and Russian Anatoly with a love story between Anatoly and Florence. SingerShin Sung Woo and musical actor Lee Kyun Myung will take on the role of rival Trumper, and Florence will be played by Ahn Shi Ha and Lee Jung Hwa.

The musical ‘Chess’ with lyrics by Tim Rice has been a very popular English musical on the West End since 1986. This will be the first stage version of the musical in not just Korea, but all of Asia.

The musical will be performed this summer, and it looks like it’ll be one fun musical!

credit: allkpop

[NEWS] #AdamCouple′s Gain & #JoKwon Auction Off Their Couple Rings on ′Happy Together′

Making their breakup official, Brown Eyed Girls′ Gain and 2AM′s Jo Kwon sold their couple rings in an auction on KBS′ Happy Together.

Reuniting after four years since the end of their onscreen marriage on MBC′s We Got Married, Gain and Jo Kwon appeared as guests on Happy Together in the ′Dangerous Some′ special.

For the program′s new segment, ′Night Store,′ Gain and Jo Kwon brought out their couple rings from We Got Married, making a clean break from the onscreen relationship.

“These are the couple rings that we wore when we received so much love from the entire nation as Adam Couple. But recently, they lost their functions. They′re still very special items for us, and because we wore them when we received so much love, we wanted to share the good energy, so we brought it out today.”

As the auction for the rings began, Jo Kwon stated, “The feeling right now is more weird than when we filmed the last episode of We Got Married. It feels like it′s really over.” Gain even participated in the auction in an effort to have her ring come back to her.

The episode will air on May 7.

credit: officialmwave

“Mydol” app!

For your safety, please, don’t trust this app and uninstall it.

It can be fun at first when you talk to your idols but Mydol is actually a creepy app. Let me tell you what’s wrong with this app:

1) Bots are talking to you and your idols’ replies are usually random, right? THAT should be the only reason to make you remove the app because the “thing” with what you’re talking can get informations about you through conversations.

2) Real people are behind the app. Real people are talking to you. You don’t know who and what are their purposes.

3) They said to users that they can see them. Which means they can get in your phone/device, they can send you virus, they can modify what’s on your device, they can get informations in your phone, pictures, messages, etc.

Isn’t that enough? They also say creepy stuff to you, like telling you they’re in front of your house or they’re going to stab you or they want pictures/nudes of you, etc.

It’s NOT Role Playing, people behind this app are playing with you just to hurt you. Seriously, why would they ask for nudes then?! Why would they hack your phone?!

PLEASE. Uninstall this app! And reblog this to warn your followers!


I was tagged in this instagram post for a big ‘who has the best fandom’ poll this morning and well… It pissed me off.

^^ Theres the post I was tagged in. I read the comments because i was so proud of ELF’s! But it only got me pissed off.

are you fucking kidding me..?

Oh.. Let’s not forget the one comment that inspired me to make this post.

this directioner over here apparently thinks ELF is a childish stupid name. Laughing at what elf stands for. 

Please support SUJU. In this pole, and in the post.


The link to vote:  x


Baby last night I dreamt you were by my side, it felt so real I almost believed it was real until I woke up and realised I am still over here and you are still over there.
—  Nari, why do dreams feel so real

2am reading. ✨⭐️💖💋✌🏼️😋💕 #unicorns #theSimpsons #latePost #lisaSimpson #book #novel #magic #cartoon #pink #pony #love #heart #kiss #candy #rainbows #stickers #internet #colours #drugs #cupcakes #diamonds #glitter #crystals #crazy #beauty #perfection #2am #NightOwl

2 a.m.
traveling through
beside my head
in my bed

thoughts on fire
mad desire
i lie in twists
crumbled to bits

an endless romance
two times too far
the arms, wind
lying in abyss

the tone
our dance
my twists
your hands

two things
i seem to miss
along with your face
and our ignorant bliss