29 Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick Collection SPF 20 utilizes grape seed extract, an anti-oxidant that smoothes, softens and prevents aging, straight from regional grapes. More powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more efficient than Vitamin C, the extract has the ability to keep lips looking young, vibrant, and stylishly smooth.

Anyone can wear a bold lipcolor. Here are a few tips for your lips:

• For the best application of lipstick, pat on one coat, then rub it in with fingers to make sure it sinks in. Then, apply a full coat and blot.

• To keep lipstick off your teeth (we’ve all been there), purse your lips and put your finger in your mouth. Trust us, while rather suggestive-looking, it work much better than a tissue.

• Put on a good application of foundation when you are wearing reds to conceal rosacea, blemishes and sun damage, which can becomes more noticeable when you have red lipstick on.

• Do up your brows. Balance a strong lip with strong eyebrows.

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Protect Your Skin with 29’s Preserve Skin Care Collection, a signature Grape Seed Age Protecting™ formula.

29’s skincare formulas are based with all pure and all natural ingredients with organic, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients, paraben free, sulphate free, SLS-free, DEA-free and ALS-free.

29 features a natural preservative system with organic emulsifiers, potent essential oils, organic extracts, and scientifically-tested and highly effective ingredients. 29 offers the most current botanical actives for firming, brightening, cellular renewal, anti-acne protection, exfoliating and moisturizing.

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The Making of 29 Cosmetics with Lydia Mondavi

Straight from the California wine region’s most iconic families, 29 was founded by Lydia Mondavi, daughter-in-law of Robert Mondavi. 29 is the first of it’s kind, an Age Protecting™ skin care and color cosmetic line utilizing the benefits of grape seeds.

"Every product in our skincare and makeup regimen should be beneficial to our skin and protect against free radicals and pollutants," says Lydia Mondavi, which is why the entire 29 cosmetic collection contains anti-oxidant enriching grape seed extract.

Grape Seeds Benefits:

  • Considered one of the most concentrated form of antioxidants with incredible anti-aging properties.
  • Detoxifies and protects the skin from environmental pollutants and harmful effects of free radicals, which keeps the skin looking younger longer.
  • Helps smooth, moisturize and counteract the visible signs of aging
  • Protects the skin’s collagen for healthy elasticity and suppleness

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