Word Count Comparison

Completed Games

- OASE: 156910
- Area-X: 134564
- X-note: 66610
- Train of Afterlife: 18929
- Voices from the Sea: 16156
- Dance Dance Evolution: 4131
- Phantom Seeds: 2971

Work in Progress

- Dragon Essence: 40459 (Aiming for 50-60k words)
- Anicon: 898 (Aiming for 20k words)

Don’t have record of ancient games like Genetic Glow, Imaginary Realm, and Other Age.

anonymous asked:

I am astonished. First of all: just because there's a creepy app that lets you stalk other people's tl on Twitter doesn't mean you have the right to do it, not to mention share it publicly like it's the most normal thing. Second: There's no other way to actually be able to read something on your tl if you're following 929 or 2971 people and check it regularly than having fans muted. I know it's hurtful to be aware of something like this but that's reality. Let's be honest, wouldn't we all do it?

Yeah I can’t believe there was so much drama over whether or not they mute people. Like it only makes sense, how else were they supposed to continue to use twitter? And they still answer a ton of people they follow so they must have a way to specifically check those accounts.  I just didn’t think it was worth all the fuss.

let's pray we stay young stay made of lightning

by fxcknouiam

Louis loses her virginity to Harry.

Words: 2971, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/1MHUxTX
Hey Atlanta!

Mark your calendars because Have a Hart Day is coming up! Sorry that it’s been so super long since we had an event here, but we will be having more as summer approaches!

Our next event will be on April 11, 2015 at the Books for Africa Warehouse! To learn more watch this!

12pm to 2pm

I have 6 spots left and would love to fill them, so send me an email to RSVP: hahdatlanta@gmail.com if you’d like to come!

Location: 2971 Olympic Industrial Drive, Suite 108 
Atlanta, GA 30339

(Please wear closed toed shoes as with most warehouse jobs)

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That’s not your number tho . You petty lmao scary ass . If you got her number you poor ably have mine to so what’s really up ? Unless you willing to come off anon then we don’t got much to talk about .