Moses Sithole is a South African serial killer who committed the “ABC Murders,” named because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and finishing in Cleveland, a suburb of Johannesburg.

In his early years, Sithole was abandoned by his mother and left with his siblings to live in an orphanage. As he reached his twenties, he began raping victims, claiming three women before one testified against him. He was sentenced to prison and later released.

His murders began shortly after his release. He killed a total of 38 women in which he raped and strangled with their own clothing between 1994 and 1995, before being caught. 

Sithole was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment for each of the 38 murders, 12 years for each of the 40 rapes, and 5 years for each of the six robberies. Since his sentences run consecutively, Sithole’s total sentence is one of 2,410 years, where he is not eligible for parole until 2927.

He receives treatment for HIV in prison, but his wife and child died of the disease because law abiding citizens do not automatically qualify for any sort of health care before the age of 65.

when you say goodbye (my lungs ache filled with water)
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by plinys

Otherwise known as the five times Fitz not knowing how to swim was merely an inconvenience and the one time it was far worse than that.

Words: 2927, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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A Complex Emotion
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by artless

Zach’s not the jealous type. Or so he thinks.

Words: 2927, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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when you say goodbye (my lungs ache filled with water)
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by plinys

Otherwise known as the five times Fitz not knowing how to swim was merely an inconvenience and the one time it was far worse than that.

Words: 2927, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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anonymous said:

can you please write a smut with michael and you being the 'bad' kids at school and you are best friends nut pretend to hate eachother at school and then somehow you end up fucking/

Sorry it took so long :) 

Bad Girls are Bad Girls that sometimes get caught

Requested?: Yes

Word Count: 2927

A/N: It’s a bit different from my original idea, but I hope you like it anyway! 

Summary: Michael and you are the bad kids at school. You’re best friends but pretend to hate each other, but you feel something different for Michael. He’s your best dealer, so when you have no money to pay for your fix, what do you do? 

“Y/N.” I turned my head to the front of the classroom, popping my bubble created by my gum. I was sitting side on, my feet on the desk in front of me. “Could you please get your feet off the desk and pay attention?” I rolled my eyes, taking my feet off of the desk. As soon as the teacher turned around, I put them back up, blowing another gum bubble. “Y/N!” The teacher yelled.

“Yes sir.” I said, standing and smiling sweetly. 

“I’d like to see you after class.” He said. I huffed, sitting down. I was expecting to have to go to the principal’s office, actually I was hoping I would, I needed a Tim Tam. Ms and I were close friends, the amount I got into trouble caused us to see each other more often than other students. 

The bell for the end of the class rang and I tried to escape before I got told to hang back.

“Y/N.” I sighed, turning around. “Why are you so distracted lately? He asked me.

“My medication expired.” I said. I pretended to have ADHD most of the time, just to get away with most things. “I haven’t had a chance to get more, with mum in the hospital and all.” I said, putting on my sad face. Technically I wasn’t lying, she does work there, just as a nurse.

“Oh I’m so sorry. Look, I’ll let you off with a warning, okay?” He handed me the piece of paper with the warning on it as I nodded, walking out of the room, bag on my shoulder. 

“Fuck.” I looked up to see who I had walked into. “What took you so long?” Michael Clifford, the school’s other ‘bad kid’ asked me. 

“Got in trouble for not paying attention in class, whoopie.” I said, waving the piece of paper around.

“Get fucked.” He laughed. “Wanna skip next class?” Michael asked, pulling a box of cigarettes out of his pocket. I shook my head in regret.

“If I skip one more of Ms Jules’ classes she’s gonna call my parents.” I said. My parents were doctors and were rarely home. They never knew what I did, and when they did come home they didn’t normally talk to me. 

“Wimp.” He said in reply.

“Dick.” I called back as I walked down the hallway. 


“So you gonna fuck Christian or what?” My friend Kelsie asked me as I blew out a puff of smoke.

“Probably.” I said, looking over to the football field where the team was practicing. Christian was a runner, two years younger than us, but still hot as. 

“Nah she’s gonna fuck Michael.” My other friend, Lana, said, elbowing me. I smirked deviously.

“Or both at the same time.” Venus said, making us all laugh. 

“What are you ladies laughing about?” The school nerd, Luke, asked us. 

“Ugh.” I said, turning away. 

“You know if I report this you girls could get expelled.” He said expertly (and somehow proudly), pointing to our cigarettes. 

“How bout I give you a blowjob and we’ll forget about this?” I asked him, smiling sweetly.

Luke swallowed thickly, stepping backwards. “I-uh-I-chess club.” He stuttered before  practically running off. This caused another wave of laughter to erupt around our little circle.

“Don’t worry,” I said, taking another drag of my ciggy. “I’ll get the one I want.” I said, gazing out across the football field where Christian was playing, but also to where Michael was probably doing ‘business’ behind the willow trees. 


I looked at myself in the mirror. Sexy, cute, hot. Badass. I thought to myself as I twirled around in front of my mirror, examining my outfit of black knee-high boots, red plaid skirt, white blouse and black leather jacket. I puckered my lips, leaning into my mirror to examine my black eye makeup and red lipstick, adjusting my ponytail to make sure it was just perfect. 

“Time to shine, darling.” I said to myself before driving to school in my little shitty white (or should I say cream) coloured car. 


When I got to school I walked through the halls, catching every guys’ attention. I walked to the end of the lockers where I usually met my girls in the morning.

“You look hot.” Venus said.

“Thanks.” I said absentmindedly, watching as Christian walked past.

“So it’s him?” Kelsie asked. 

“Maybe.” I smirked in reply as Michael walked past, me ruffling his hair, causing him to look at me.

“Keep up the good work, bitch.” He said, winking while walking away, me pulling a face of disgust.


At lunch I met Michael behind the sports shed, I needed to talk to him.

“Well look who it is.” He smirked at me.

“Drop the act, no one can see us here.” I said, reaching for one of the cigarettes sticking out of his pocket. He pulled back.

“Uh uh uh.” He said.

“Why.” I whined. “Gimme I need it.” I said, stomping my foot.

“Jeeps you’re a baby.” He laughed, handing me one. I quickly took it, lighting it and breathing in the smoke. My eyes fluttered as I breathed it out, and I heard Michael groan. I brushed it off, though. 

“So do you like my outfit?” I said once I was calm, doing a little twirl. 

“You look hot.” He shrugged. 

“Really?” I asked.

“Fuckable.” He said.

“That’s exactly what I was going for.” I smiled.

“So who’s it for?” Michael asked, shifting his position against the thin metal wall.

I narrowed my eyes at him. He didn’t seem to be getting any hints, idiot. “Christian.” I smiled.

“Christian Wolf? The junior quarterback? We’re seniors!” He said.

“He’s hot.” I said. “Fuckable.”

This time it was Michael’s eyes that narrowed. “Fuck who you want I want no part in it.” He said, spitting a bit of his cigarette on my black boot before storming off.

You definitely got a good reaction. I thought to myself. Just maybe not the right one.


After school ended I realised I was all out of weed and I had picked a fight with Michael.

“Fuck.” I complained to myself as I walked out the front of the school. I knew Michael would be round the back, though, so that’s where I went.

“Michael.” I said, leaning a hand on my hip as I approached his group. A group full of tattooed, pierced, leather-wearing, motorbike-riding dudes. And they didn’t scare me one bit.

“Yes dear?” He said, his boys laughing.

“Can I talk to you, in private?” I asked, his gang howling.

“Anything you want to say, or do,” Michael smirked at me. “Can be said in front of my boys.” He said, earning high fives from them all.

I sighed, all I wanted was the weed. “I need weed. My supplies out.” I said flatly.

“Don’t have any.” He shrugged.

“Oh please you always have some.”

“Got the cash?” This question made me fidget. I was so broke it wasn’t funny. “Oh. You ain’t got the cash? Mummy and daddy haven’t been able to pay you your stupidly big allowance yet have they?” He said, coming over to be in my face. 

“Fine.” I said, shifting my bag’s position on my shoulder. “I’ll just find another dealer. The girls are sure to know one.” I said, turning around. Before I could walk away, though, Michael grabbed my arm. 

“Oh you can have it, just pay me a different way.” I raised an eyebrow at him, not knowing what he meant. “Meet me behind the sports shed ASAP.” He whispered to me. I nodded, going around the other side of the school. 

“What took you so long?” I asked as Michael came up behind me, pushing me up against the brick wall. 

“I had to hide this fucking boner all day and you think I wouldn’t make you wait? Huh?” He said, forcing his crotch against mine, causing me to bite my lip. “You think wearing that outfit just to flirt with some inexperienced, weak junior would come without punishment?” He growled. I moaned quietly at his words. “Well you were wrong. Follow me.” I didn’t really have a choice as Michael grabbed my arm, pulling me behind him as he picked the lock to the PE change-rooms. 

“How’d you do that?” I asked as he kissed his way down my neck.

“Once you figure out that girls pretty much get naked in here, it’s easy.” He smirked at me, and I rolled my eyes. Of course the infamous Michael Clifford would never pass up a chance to see a girl naked. 

I moaned as his hands came up underneath my skirt, rubbing the lace thong I was wearing, causing Michael to groan. “You naughty, naughty girl.” He said, coming up to me and kissing me. His kiss tasted of mint and cigarette, and I pushed myself flush against him. I took off his leather jacket, feeling the muscles on his arms. Michael continued to kiss me as I quickly undid my blouse, watching his eyes widen as he saw the black and red lace bra I had put on this morning. 

“It’s a wonder no one saw that through the blouse.” I laughed. He just shook his head, moving to my chest and then attacking my cleavage. He reached around me to my back, undoing my bra and letting it fall to the ground. Michael stepped back, getting a good look at my breasts, his eyes widening and the tent in his pants visibly growing. “Go on then.” I said, stepping towards him, biting my lip. I went up on my tip-toes to whisper in his ear. “They’re all yours.” I said as I palmed him through his boxers. Michael let out a pornographic moan before diving his head down to nip, bite, suck and kiss all over my chest. I pushed his head into my chest, encouraging him to shake it.

“That’s so sexy.” He said, coming up to kiss me again. I took off his shirt quickly, feeling over his abdomen. He took off my skirt, and I went to take off my boots. “Stop.” I looked up at him. “Leave them on.” He smirked. “And this.” He said, tossing me his leather jacket. I put it on, feeling the coolness of the leather against my bare skin. 

“Wait.” I gasped as Michael kissed down my stomach. “How are you gonna get it off?” I asked, motioning to my thong. Michael stared at it for a second before ripping it. “Michael!” I said, hitting him. “That was expensive!”

“I’ll pay for it babe, don’t worry.” He said, kissing up my thighs. 

“I thought you were broke.” I said, pushing him onto the ground.

“I’m a drug dealer, honey. I’m never broke.” He smirked, as I started to take off his pants. He kicked off his shoes and pulled of his socks, helping me with his skinny jeans.

“How the hell do you even get these on?” I asked as I tried to yank them down his legs.

“I honestly don’t know myself.” He laughed, the laugh being cut off by a moan as I circled the outline of his dick through his boxers, finally getting his jeans off. I pulled the top of his boxers back, blowing lightly on the tip of his dick before letting the elastic snap back against his stomach. “Please.” He whined.

I pulled them down in one swift motion, watching Michael’s member raise to rest on his stomach, and his face contort at the release. I traced my finger along the vein protruding from the side, dragging my fingernail over it to scratch it slightly, then quickly taking him into my hand and pumping him quickly. 

“Y/N.” Michael groaned. “I need your mouth.” I teased him slightly, kissing the tip of his dick before slowly going down, bobbing my head up and down, twirling my tounge around him and hallowing out my cheeks, causing Michael to call out. 

I pulled my mouth off of Michael. “Don’t want anyone to hear you, now do we?” I asked, pressing the spot in between his balls and anus, calling his dick to twitch.

“How-whe-what was that?” He said, breathing heavily. 

“Just a little trick I learnt somewhere.” I said, standing up. Michael grabbed my thighs, pulling his head towards my heat. I bit my lip, running my hands through his hair. He kissed my clit, which earnt a loud moan from me in response. He lightly sucked on it, nibbling on it ever so slightly. “M-Michael.” I breathed out. “Finger fuck me, please.”  He quickly inserted one finger into me, curling it, causing my legs to buckle. He continued to pump his fingers at a fast pace, curling his fingers over and over again before he brushed that one spot, making me call out. 

“Don’t want anyone to hear you now, do we?” He smirked cheekily, bringing me down to kiss him. “All fours, now.” He whispered into my ear, rolling us over. I got up onto all fours, hearing a rustling behind me before I felt Michael brush my back with his condom-covered cock. “Beg for it baby.” He said, pulling my hair, causing me to sit up as I gasped. 

“Please Michael I need your big cock fucking me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow, I need the teachers that are still here to hear us, please Michael fuck me into oblivi-MICHAEL.” Michael slammed into me, interrupting me, causing my to cry out his name. He gave me no time to adjust, pushing in and out in a fast rhythm, the sound of our skin slapping together and the profanities that were falling from our lips filling the small room.

“You’re such a bad girl, letting me fuck you in the change-rooms.” He said, continuing to pound into me mercilessly. 

“Well-you are- pretty-hot.” I gasped out, speaking in between each thrust. This caused Michael to groan, flipping us over that I was now riding him. 

“Ride me baby.” He gasped, grabbing my hips. I ground my hips against his, moving up and down with each rotation. “You’re so good.” He sighed. I brought one leg up from my straddle onto his chest, causing him to enter me at a new angle which made me scream out in pleasure.

“I-I’m almost done Y/N.” Michael said. I nodded in agreement, not being able to form any words. I felt his dick twitch inside me, and he yelled out many profanities, along with my name as he came. He sat up, wrapping his arms around the tops of my arms as he tried to get me off as fast as possible, furiously rubbing my clit. “Come darling.” He said, biting my neck, causing me to scream out his name as I came.

“Well that was fun.” I said, once I had caught my breath. Michael nodded, picking me up and off of him, throwing the condom into the bin. “Now where’s that weed.” I laughed. He shook his head, going over to his backpack. He picked it up, rolling a joint and lighting it. “Where’s mine?” I asked, desperate for the drug.

“Here.” He said, handing me the joint. I rolled my eyes, taking the joint from him and having a long drag from it. 

“Totally worth it.” I said, giggling. 

“Who’s in there?” We heard a teacher say.

“Fuck.” We said in unison, looking at each other. We quickly pulled on our clothes, making sure there was no trace of what we had been doing.

“Michael.” I hissed, making him look up from where he was putting out the joint and putting it back into his bag. “Where’s my underwear?” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. He smirked, pulling it out of his back pocket. 

“I tore it, remember?” I groaned, pulling my skirt on over my boots, making sure that it was covering everything. 

Michael had just zipped up his backpack and stood up as the teacher walked in.

“What are you two doing here? You both should’ve gone home by now.” He said. Shit. It was the same teacher from yesterday who gave me a warning. 

“I thought I left something in here today in class, sir. Michael was just helping me look for it.” I said, smiling. Michael put his arm around my shoulder, causing me to have to hold back a laugh. 

“You should’ve looked earlier. You’re not allowed on the school grounds at this time.” He said.

“Sorry sir, I’ll be quicker next time.” I said, leaving the change-rooms, pulling Michael along behind me. “Run.” I said to him.

“Why?” He asked as he started to speed up.

“The condom.” I laughed, starting to run. Michael wrapped his leather jacket around my waist before allowing me to run again. I looked at him questionable. 

“Your ass was showing.” He said, smirking cheekily. I just shoved him, since it was his fault.

“MICHAEL! Y/N!” The teacher called.

We were too far away for him to catch us by now, laughing our heads off. I looked back to see him standing there, holding the condom. This sent me into a fit of laughter again. 

“Round 2 at mine?” Michael asked once we reached the parking lot. 

“Deffos.” I said, standing up on my tip toes to kiss him. Michael’s hand slipped under my skirt quickly, me swatting it away. “See you there.” I laughed, walking to my car. I think I just got a pretty good arrangement here, drugs for sex. And with Michael Clifford. I thought, as I drove off, following the boy on the black motorcycle in front of me. 

- Claire (I forgot to put my name on the last one Jealousy is the one I wrote aha I’m the new co-owner yay :D ).