some shinara hcs i wrote while i was shopping w my mum the other day

  • arakita tosses and turns a lot in his sleep so shinkai usually just cuddles him from behind and arakita always stays still whenever shinkai is w him
  • disgustingly sappy and romantic shinkai who always says and does the sappiest things for arakita who pretends that he doesnt like it but everyone knows that he does
  • arakita secretly loving anime and owning like 2873 copies of manga and once shinkai found out arakita was rly embarrassed but they just ended up watching nge together afterwards (shinkai bawled his eyes out)
  • arakita misses shinkai a lot after both of them go to seperate unis even tho he doesnt admit it so they usually skype every night and sometimes arakita falls asleep to the sound of shinkais voice
  • shinkai being really good at cooking so the first time arakita tasted his food he fell in love and he always loves it when shinkai cooks
  • arakita and shinkai both going to a fancy dinner party together and arakita thinking shinkai looks really fuckin hot in a tux
  • shinkai is fukutomi’s best man at fuku and kinjou’s wedding while arakita is kinjou’s and shinkai having to put up w toudou complaining that he wasn’t the best man (but he’s actually really happy for everyone) and shinkai just chuckling and holding arakita’s hand under the table
  • shinkai organizing a trip to hawaii for only him and arakita and arakita complains abt having to get on a plane but he ends up loving hawaii
  • arakita being really skilled w his hands so sometimes he does little braids in shinkai’s hair and shinkai loves it
  • arakita always forgets to buy milk when he goes shopping so shinkai always has to go back and buy some milk (arakita never forgets the bepsi though)
  • arakita being the one who always makes the bed and cleans the dinner table bc he likes it to be clean while shinkai isnt too fussed but usually helps out anyway
  • arakita hates vegetables while shinkai loves them so arakita always glares and says smth like “fuckin furry” while shinkais busy stuffing his face w lettuce
  • arakita being really possesive and noone ever commenting on the ‘bruises’ that shinkai has on his neck and chest
  • shinkai having the strongest fucking legs so sometimes when arakitas lying on top of him playing a game or smth he just uses his legs to lift up arakita while arakitas screaming at shinkai to put him down
  • arakita always acting like a loud punk but having a secret love for clasical music and being able to play the piano v well (his favourite composers are bach and mozart)
  • shinkai having an amazing singing voice and sometimes arakita asks shinkai to sing for him and he usually falls asleep to shinkai’s singing
  • shinkai’s lock and home screen on his phone are both pictures of arakita and shinkai together from their hakone days
  • arakita loves shinkai’s hoodies and always wears them when its cold and shinkai always ends up losing track of them all bc they all end up in arakita’s drawer

im actually??? so weak for shinara. help me,



Hey mom can I get something to eat I’m hungry and I haven’t had breakfast or anything yet
‘No you can wait until after I stop at this clothing store’

Literally feel like I might pass out or vomit rn the only thing I’ve eaten the past three days is like 10 chicken nuggets at lunch yesterday during work
I know for a fact we’re gonna be here for at least an hour or two cuz that’s how she is

Plus I’ve only had like three hours of sleep ugh why @~@