Öyle şeyler yazar ki burda, benim bile söylemeye korktuğum. Taaa içimde kuytu köşelerde sessiz ve usulca duran. Aklımın bir köşesinde hergün beynimi kemiren, olmayacak şeyler. #2864

Anon requested: Can I request a fic where gabriel is the reader’s gaurdian angel and he leaved her in balthazars care while he goes to confront lucifer and when he dies she can feel it and Baltahzar has to comfort her only to have gabriel come back just as she starts to move on with her life as a hunter?

Word count: 2864

Author: Mars

Warnings: Um… “character death,” a really bad description of grief.

Here ya go! Also, I talked to my teachers and I can set aside one period a day (so 75mins) to write as part of my English credit this year! So I’ll still be able to get one out to you guys a week! Yay!!

Anyways, ENJOY!


Ever since you were little you knew you hadn’t been alone. There was always someone watching you, making sure bad things didn’t happen when you knew they probably would. It was like you had a guardian angel watching over you.

The excitement, shock, awe, and fright when you found out this was a true fact still stuck with you. You had been 17 at the time, sitting in the car of a boy you were hoping to go steady with, when he started to get a little handsy, and wasn’t quite listening to you. Which is when a man knocked on the driver’s side window. The boy sat right up, hands on the wheel and scared of what might happen to him, while the man walked around to your side and opened the door. He asked you to get out, which you did - even if you didn’t know him. But he felt safe, it was an instinct. Then he shooed the boy off and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Your stomach twisted and suddenly you were standing alone on your front porch.

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