Week 8: 27 Charcos

I do not have pictures for this excursion because my camera wasn’t waterproof. These pictures are Tessa’s because she had a waterproof camera.




So I had fun on this excursion, but it was incredibly exhausting. At the beginning, we had to hike for like about an hour to get to the top of mountain and reach the first natural pool. That was killer, but I did it. It was definitely a workout, probably the most I’ve worked out in a long time. I was so excited to touch that refreshing, cool water.

We got to the first slide and I was kind of nervous for that. Once I slid, I was like “oh it’s not that bad.” However, I didn’t know how to jump into water. Whenever I jumped in, water got into my nose. And I always emerged coughing! It was ridiculous. I wasn’t holding my nose when I wasn’t jumping in so what I should have been doing was blowing out my nose when I entered the water. I slid and jumped from 27 slides and waterfalls, yet after all of that, I never learned my lesson  I kept getting water in my nose. :(

We walked from slide to cliffs in our tennis shoes on rocks wearing a helmet and life-jacket. The rocks did a toll on some people’s feet, but my feet were perfectly fine at the end. No blusters or pain, unlike some people. Just so much walking. I wish I was told this trip was going to be this intense and exhausting. It was not for the unhealthy (maybe a physical exam should be included in the application process for this program. Yeah, that’s how intense it was). I wasn’t told we were hiking until a couple of days before leaving.

Anyways, I jumped from a 27 foot cliff into 7 feet of water. Before jumping, I was considering the “chicken route” and sliding instead. Before I chose the chicken route, I hear my friend encouraging my other friend to jump. She tells her “This is a once in a life time opportunity. Do you think you’ll ever do this again?” Those words encouraged me. So for a minute, I contemplated and decided to line-up with the other jumpers. I was psyching myself up for this jump for about ten minutes as I stood in line and waited my turned. I wanted to do a toe touch when I jumped. However, when it was my turn and and looked down. I was so shocked by the height. I started having a mini-heart attack! Then the guide said "Jump!" and I jumped. I was in the air for about 2 or 3 seconds. Just a bit too long for me. Apparently, I was running in the air, and not the toe touch I wanted to do…

Of course, I got a bunch of water in my nose and I emerged with so much pain in my side. I think I had too much air in my lungs or something and the impact of the water hurt me. I was feeling slightly sick because of inhaling the contaminated water so I was feeling really dizzy for a few minutes. A few of my friends checked on me. But I was okay. I just had to walk it off. I has fine after a few minutes of walking.

Later, I thought I had to jump from a higher cliff, but I was told I already did that jump. The 27 foot one was the highest. Now, ya see, I didn’t know it was 27 feet because I was more concerned about surviving the jump. I just remembered the guide say "9 meters." That didn’t compute to me because I was just thinking about the act of jumping, which is a slight fear I have. If I have to jump off something more than 6 feet, I freak out a little.

So I’m proud of myself for conquering my fear and proud of my friends who faced theirs too. Aarin, for example, can’t swim, but she jumped a few times and did most of the slides.

We were all exhausted and hungry when we were done. I was feeling a bit sick because of inhaling the water. I just felt like my sinuses were clogged so I had a slight headache, like the type that makes you feel drowsy. I was okay the next day, so all was well with my body. I guess have a stronger immune system than I think.