The Final Tally is in!

It’s all over folks, and it’s time to announce our winner. We are so amazed by all the wonderful work we’ve seen. This was really an unforgettable experience. We won’t leave you in suspense! Here are the results!!

1st Place: Team Flynn Rider with 4101 points

2nd Place: Team Kuzco with 2735 points

3rd Place: Team Jim with 2028.5 points

4th Place: Team Aladdin with 1714 points

Congrats Team Flynn! If you need a reminder on your winning click here

It's Gonna Be Me (Raychael; song fic)

Requested by suchararity <3

Summary: Ray has had the biggest crush on Michael for the longest time, but when they finally meet, Ray discovers Michael has just been through a heartbreak. 

Word Count: 2735

You might’ve been hurt, babe. That ain’t no lie. You’ve seen them all come and go, oh…

So Michael Jones was one of those friends that wasn’t particularly a best friend, but also not a friend who you only said ‘hi’ to whenever you saw them. Ray and Michael were actually pretty good friends, but in all honesty, Michael was a bit more than that to Ray…

They had met in the beginning of their junior year in English class. The teacher had allowed the students to pick their own seats and Ray, well, he didn’t know anyone in that class. It was part of the reason he sometimes hoped for seating assignments, but instead, he waited aside until everyone else had chosen their seat. There was only one seat open, and Ray shrugged. At least now it wouldn’t look like he wanted to sit there – he was just sitting there because it was the only seat left. He hoped the guy who sat next to the empty seat understood that, because Ray didn’t want to seem weird.

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