Okay, this isn’t a hipster pic, nothing like this. He used to be my best friend in summer. Now… in this pic theres my boyfriend and I at my 15th party. Today 10/27, we are 7 months together. He is the most gentle, nice, sweet, hot guy in earth. He always cares about me, he loves me, we are both important parts of our lifes. He is the ONLY one who could make me really happy in my whole life. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH, WITH ALL MY LITTLE HEART. <3

For this… Can you reblog the pic? This would mean a lot for me. <3


I keep thinking today is tuesday for some strange reason..anyways today was pretty decent..went to the mall a bit then went home (X
On Sunday I had my triplet date, we karaoked and watched finding nemo/toy story. LOL isa totally died at the beginning of finding nemo: THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERES NOTHINGTOSEE. We tried matching up trufam to the fishies too bahah. Afterwards I went to my aunt for some hotpot <3 Stayed there till 11 30 o Ao but it was a great night <3

Tú me enseñaste a darle un inmenso valor a un simple beso. Me enseñaste que no se besa a una persona solo porque es bonita, o porque se te dio la oportunidad. Si no que lo haces porque le quieres, porque significa algo para ti, porque deseas sus besos y los de nadie más. Me enseñaste que regalarlos así como así solo te hace puta. Me hiciste valorar cada uno de tus besos… Aunque ahora para ti, uno no signifique nada… Y se los des a todas, menos a quién más los desea.